Sunday, May 31, 2009

We Dreamed a Dream

I would like to post this dream in case it actually comes true. Because if it did, that would be pretty cool.

It took place about two weeks ago. I dreampt that I was on a beautiful outdoor path, surrounded by trees and grass. As I was walking, I began painlessly giving birth to a baby. She was a beautiful baby girl, 5 pounds and I don't remember how many ounces, and there were other people with me, but not John. A few minutes later, I painlessly delivered another lovely little girl, who also weighed 5 pounds and something ounces. They were perfect and it was a perfect experience. After the birth, we went to the hospital, but I realized I had forgotten all of my clothes in which to go home and clothes in which to dress the twin girls. In my desperation to get what I needed, I simply left the twins at the hospital and drove home. John and I were living in a small apartment in a city I had never seen, and there I told him that I had given birth to twin girls, but that we needed to hurry and get back to the hospital. I chastised myself for leaving them like that and John, the toddler and I desperately hurried to get back. However, I then realized that we didn't have the right carseats, so we had to go to Walmart and get some. That was where the dream ended, in kind of a chaotic state.

It was fun to analyze the dream. Having twins could be a representation of my inexplicable continued desire to have more twins. I say inexplicable, because I'm sure it's not because I've forgotten how hard it is where they're babies. I'm still living it. The painless childbirth could represent a deep yearning I have to have easier births than the excruciating, long labors I currently endure. The chaos must signify the chaos that is my life...losing everything, being unorganized, forgetting things.

The next day, as John and I were driving to the plant nursery in the big town, I decided to share my dream with him. I started by saying, "John, I had the most beautiful dream last night. I dream I gave birth to two beautiful twin girls."

"What?!?" he exclaimed.

"What? It's just a dream. No need to worry."

"No", he explained, "you don't understand. I had the same dream last night. I dreamt that we had twin girls."

My heart skipped a beat for a second as I tried to calculate the statistical probability of this actually occuring. It had to be a million to one.

I continued to share the rest of my dream, then we just laughed together, wondering if another adventure is awaiting us. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for listening.

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Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

One time, my husband and I both had the same dream, too, on the same night. We both dreamt that we were flying through the air-the only differences were that he was flying among buildings (like NYC) and I was flying through mountains!

Joi said...

Oooh goose bumps. What a wonderful dream. My oldest are 15 months apart, at times I wonder if it would of been easier to have twins. :)

ajwhet10 said...

Wow! Now I call that UNITY, and wish you both the best, as always! If anyone could pull that off well, you are the ones!

Anonymous said...

wow thats amazing. i hope it comes true.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Hello there,

This is not one of my usual comments - instead I have a big favor to ask . . .

One of my wonderful followers is having such a difficult time this week, her missionary son serving in Guatemala is ill and she's missing him and feeling all the mom pains that come from being separated from a child who is ill. I'm hoping I can persuade a few of you to stop by and cheer her up!

I would love it if you have time:)


Cambria, Greg, Alan and Molly said...

wow! That is super cool!!! I would love to have twins too, but I can only say that cause I haven't had them!! =)

Kristin said...

All I have to say, is, "OH MY GOSH!"

lonestar said...

Wow, that's pretty amazing :). Wishing you both the best!