Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pizza Time with the kids, featuring my Sister with the Ph.D.

Things are always great when my sister with the Ph.D. comes to town. She spends hours coming up with and implementing activities for the kids to do and has seemingly endless energy. Her project for today was pizza-making for the 13-year-old boy's birthday. They had such a great time. Look....

Baby Hippo was in charge of designing his own pizza. He didn't do too bad...

 photo 2DSC_0090_zpsbd096599.jpg

 photo 2DSC_0110_zpsf7e65d97.jpg

 photo 2DSC_0114_zpse34e48fe.jpg

My sister with the Ph.D. is amazing with her dough. It's a special recipe that needs to sit for 24 to 72 hours. Hopefully I'll be able to share it with you here soon. :)

 photo 2DSC_0122_zps535d3521.jpg

 photo 2DSC_0136_zps9d782e40.jpg

The 6-year-old boy got to design some pizzas as well. He did an awesome job...

 photo 2DSC_0158_zpsaf99bf73.jpg

Baby Hippo knows how to pile on the pepperoni...

 photo DSC_0172_zps2a9d5473.jpg

Patiently waiting....

 photo 2DSC_0176_zps8eb00558.jpg

 photo 2DSC_0201_zps4e245658.jpg

One of my favorite photos of the day....

 photo 2DSC_0215_zpsebbd73f5.jpg

 photo 2DSC_0219_zps699e3c34.jpg

 photo 2DSC_0227_zps14cf0c43.jpg

 photo 2DSC_0236_zpsfe1b5074.jpg

 photo 2DSC_0237_zps22eb8f4e.jpg

The favored pizza... bacon and caramelized onion...

 photo 2DSC_0262_zps3e2cf316.jpg

More patient waiting by Twin B....

 photo 2DSC_0274_zps893c0556.jpg

Just some delicious cilantro in my mom's window sill.....

 photo 2DSC_0281_zpsc225eed0.jpg

 photo 2DSC_0284_zps9df33c49.jpg photo 2DSC_0298_zpsea45d187.jpg

 photo 2DSC_0310_zps04ed2de2.jpg

The vegetarian pizza before we popped it in the oven.... so delicious!

 photo 2DSC_0324_zps974253db.jpg

 photo 2DSC_0348_zps9195afa4.jpg

 photo 2DSC_0357_zps043a62ca.jpg

Some spice racks my sister with the Ph.D., my brother and the 11-year-old girl built for my mom. The 11-year-old girl whittled the crossbars herself. :)

 photo 2DSC_0363_zpsd53dd719.jpg

The 11-year-old girl....

 photo 2DSC_0374_zps444efd77.jpg

A boy who is staying with us during our Spring Break, enjoying the bounty....

 photo 2DSC_0380_zps7d7e0541.jpg

My brother, about to consume his share.....

 photo 2DSC_0388_zps9c63777b.jpg

 photo 2DSC_0391_zpsef93136b.jpg

Me, totally posing for the camera... :)

 photo 2DSC_0401_zpsd35f73c3.jpg

 photo 2DSC_0413_zps15d7208f.jpg

Thanks for listening and have a great day! :)