Thursday, February 17, 2011

Because of Knowing You... II

...Seth Gonzalez, I learned that if you bend over a lot of times, your "gloots" will get firmer. That's why I always keep my laundry basket on the floor instead of on the laundry counter. Every little bit helps.

...Michelle in Louisiana, I learned how to make yeast products, including 100% whole wheat bread. I think of you EVERY SINGLE TIME I test the water for hotness, just the way you taught me.

...Nicole Soh, I learned that if you're mad at your kids, and they need a good talking to, if you do it a mock growling voice, they think it's funny and that you're not that mean, but you still get your point across.

...Ruth Vitek, I learned that if you need to reprimand someone, like when my first husband borrowed your car and didn't replace the gas, it can be done in just the right way so that it comes out sounding like a joke. You smile, and laugh, and tease, and the message comes through loud and clear, but there are no hard feelings. What an amazing talent to share!

...Jerry's wife in Germany, I call my sons "Son". I heard you do it with your boy before I had one, and I thought that I would do the same if I ever had a boy. There's something about it that I just like.

...Bishop McClellan, I came to really know what the atonement of Christ meant in my life, and I changed it, and repented, and became a new person, "born again" so to speak.

...Jill Pratt, I know that it is easier to keep the sabbath day holy if one dresses appropriately throughout the day, not just for church.

...Rick Lambrect, my high school band director, I learned that 120 kids can be controlled effectively, but still respect you at the end of marching season.

...Dr. David Steiner, I can play Massanet's Meditation from Thais, because you asked me to accompany you as you played the violin at church. It's one of my all-time favorite works.

...Mark Mangum, I sometimes try to be the last person to let go in a hug.

...21-year-old daughter, who was perturbed that I only mentioned that I learned something about a toilet from you, I read John Robbin's "Diet For A New America", and it changed my life, and my health.

...Trini, the maid John had when I first met him, I learned to neatly fold a t-shirt.

...John, I learned that folding toddler's pants with the seams touching makes a nice crease down the front. I knew that worked for older peoples' pants, but somehow I never used that technique for the twins and 4-year-old boy until I saw you do it when you were helping out with the laundry.

...Single Mormon Chick, I learned that the lovely blurry background/foreground effect is called "Bokeh", you know, this kind of thing...


...Luvmy9, I learned what latter-day prophets have to say about family size, and yes, that has changed my life.

...weird home schooling neighbor in Louisiana, I learned that home schooling was an option, and later came to realize that it was an option for me, and I became the weird home schooling neighbor for 13 years.

...Gayle Whetten, I learned that when my baby has a cough, firmly patting his back with a cupped hand, so as not to hurt him, helps to loosen it, and a visit to the doctor is less likely.

...Carol, I learned to make homemade fire starters and have passed the knowledge on to several people, who now also use them.

...Christine Jones, I learned that a baby has a teething fever if only his head is warm, not the rest of his body. It's a sick fever if his entire body is warm.

...Shauna Jones, I learned that putting your camera close to your focal point will give you a blurrier background, like this....


Thanks for listening!

P.S. My sister and I are finally getting skinnier!
See how we're doing it HERE! :)


Lynn said...

Cool! I had a Bishop McClellan as well, and he helped me at a turning point in my life too.

...And I also learned from my parents that it is easier to keep the sabbath day holy if one dresses appropriately throughout the day, not just for church. Funny how I didn't see that as a good thing way back then, but I did when I had kids of my own. And now they are doing the same thing. I hope it will be a generational thing. ; D

alessandra said...

Wow, beautiful! and you pass your wisdom to us.... ;)

Frank and RaShell King said...

I've heard sooo many wonderful things about you. You are an amazing lady...I hope I get the chance to meet you someday.

Nicole said...

Wow! I made the list - and with something I have no memory of ever doing, although as I've thought about it it's coming back to me. :)

What a beautiful list - I should come up with a similar one, there are countless people who have touched my life that deserve recognition.

Not the least of those would be you, Jen, who taught me that I can, in fact, play the piano well enough to play in church. You might be surprised to know that I've spent about eight years as sacrament meeting pianist, and I do pretty well. (No organ though, that's still too scary!)

singlemormonchick said...

thank you so much for mentioning me-especially for something to do with photography. it is such a love of mine and i am so pleased that i was able to impart any little thing to you. you made my day and made me feel really good. thank you so much! even if you hadnt mentioned me, i would have loved this post. i think i might copy you! thanks again.

Rachel said...

Great way to pass on the lessons and give recognition to those who have influenced your life!