Friday, February 18, 2011

Because of Knowing You... III

...Kelli Kirwan (oh, I could say so much), I learned that carbonation is bad for your bones. I didn't believe you at first, so I researched it, then begrudgingly had to admit you were right. That was during my first visit to your house. Remember?

...Bonnie Culpepper, I like to say "Ya THINK?". I love it when you say that.

...Tracie Hardy, I learned that although you don't know the man in the grocery store from Adam, it's perfectly acceptable to have a warm, loving conversation with him about any number of topics.

...Amie Trujillo, I learned to observe people carefully, and learn what's in their hearts.

...Suzanne Singer, I learned that even though you have two small children at home, your home can be PERFECTLY clean and organized. Oh, how I've always admired that about you!

...Terri Leichti, I learned, when I had only one baby, and you had seven, that it's doable to have a large family. I remember sitting in your living room, asking you how you do it, and you told me that while your older kids are making breakfast, you might be nursing your baby while reading a book to your 5-year-old. I also remember that your boys had built a HUGE fort out of blocks right in your entry way, and you were okay with that. My boys are are doing the same right this moment!

...Greg Hardy, I learned that it's so much more rewarding to give an inexpensive, well thought out gift, rather than an expensive, run-of-the mill present. I'm talking about the time I gave you landscaping rocks. You were super-appreciative, and I still remember that.

...Joy Cadd, I learned that you can teach an 8-year-old to clean a bathroom. Thanks for that tidbit!

...Jane Snyder, I've been introduced to some really good medical practitioners, including Dr. Mike, chiropractor, and Dr. Powers, obstetrician extraordinaire!

...Jackie Henderson, I realized that I could do direct sales, and could enjoy and be good at it. I even earned a trip to Paradise Island, in the Bahamas, because of what you showed me I could do.

...Grandpa Tito, I learned that if you boil sugar in water, then add it to Kool-aid, it is somehow so much better.

...Grandpa Percy, I say "I'm going to founder" after I eat a huge meal. And I know what founder means.

...Grandma Mittie, I've learned that you can lose your mind, but not your wit.

...Adina Ooley, I learned that kids can keep their rooms neat and tidy, with the encouragement of their moms.

...Grandma Cox, I learned that Rice Krispy treats are one of the best treats on the planet.

...First husband, I learned how to chop wood really well, among so, so many other things.

...Mrs. Prager, I realized that God gave me the gift of music, and that if I squandered it, I would be doing wrong.

...Nikki Hulen, I learned to keep my wrists aligned while playing Rachmaninoff, thus avoiding carpel tunnel's syndrome.

...nice lady in the lobby at church in Germany, I learned that we come to church with young babies to make a habit of it, and because they can feel The Spirit there, even if we're walking the halls with them.

...First mother- and father-in-law, I learned that your son deeply loved his family because of how you raised him. Thank you.

P.S. My sister and I are finally getting skinnier!
See how we're doing it HERE! :)


Anonymous said...

I learned more from you than you ever could from me. When I reflect on people who have touched my life, your name always is at the top of the list. Love you!

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Awww, love you, too Suz!

Kelli said...

Oh I was nervous you said I was in group 3! I vaguely remember the conversation, but mostly that you argued with me!!! Like Suzanne, (who by the way I know I stressed out every time she came over because my bookshelves were calling to her... to straighten up)I have learned, and continue to learn many things from you! Adam and Sam owe you a little as well... ;)

Brian + Cheryl B. said...

Hi Jen :-)
WE always told our sons that you can learn from EVERYbody.

Yes, everybody!

You either learn or get reconfirmation about things that should be a part of your life.
you see examples of thngs you should advid having in your life.

It's been nice to hear about so many positive people you have encountered in your life.