Monday, May 9, 2011

When Kids Finally Learn Responsibility

My kids leave lights on.

They carelessly discard IPOD connectors on the floor of the van.

They don't clean up their rooms.

They drink milk straight out of the gallon when they think no one is watching.

They borrow, then lose the charger to my cordless phone, thus immensely lowering my quality of life by denying me the ability to talk to my sister while I wash dishes.

They break my things and try to hide it from me, things like my double cereal dispenser.

In bed last night, John and I were discussing this matter of teaching kids responsibility. We know how to do it. We teach them to pay natural consequences when they act irresponsibly, such as insisting that they earn the money to purchase another cereal dispenser or, if they don't want to do that, then attend choir practice with me for six months. This works perfectly as long as the culprit admits his or her wrong-doing, but when there are eight suspects in the case, and no one cares to confess to the crime, things get trickier. A solution on how to solve this problem is one for another post.

My point in this post is to tell you that the 4-year-old boy...


....recently showed that he is learning responsibility. A few days ago when he was out in the courtyard playing with his new puppy....


....he somehow felt compelled to press on the screen in the door until it came out. He immediately realized the error of his ways and did the responsible thing. He fixed it......


Much better, yes? In case you're wondering how he was able to hold the screen in place while he diligently applied the painter's tape, he wasn't able. Instead he talked Twin B into standing on the picnic table below the window, then convinced him to hold the screen in place with both hands.

Incidentally, the 4-year-old's uncle who lives down the street, has not learned responsibility. Immediately before we acquired the puppy, my brother-in-law called and asked to talk to the 4-year-old boy. I handed him the phone, then innocently went back to my bedroom to nurse the baby. Twenty minutes later the 16-year-old girl came into my room, and with concern in her voice said, "Mom, Uncle M__  just dropped off a puppy for the 4-year-old boy and said he was giving it to him. When I told him I would go get you, he ran to his truck and drove off."

It was a mastiff.

But he's we'll keep him.....


Please keep us in your prayers. :)


chibbylick said...

oh heck drop and run pet delivery is certainly not responsible! My girls would love a puppy, I don't think I'm ready for the responsibility though!

Sassy said...

I would kick said uncle's butt! I have dogs, but you can't just expect someone to be fine with a drop off like that... Prayers your way.

Salsa Mama said...

Oh gosh, that window is the cutest thing ever! Have fun with your new puppy! ;)

alessandra said...

He's very responsible, aww, and the puppy so cute, since is a puppy of course ;)

Karen said...

Oh my goodness! Well, they are loving dogs. Good luck. So funny about the tape on the screen.

Unknown said...

That was just precious...and so is the puppy too. Good luck with your canine endeavor...just keep telling yourself how darling he is!

Ali said...

Very cute repair job on the screen. The puppy drop and run -- not so cute. Hah.

Pets are such a huge responsibility. Time to care for them as well as financially. I am sorta shocked he just dropped the little guy off. I hope you guys are on board with having a giant doggy in the household. :)

Elder Romney's mission said...

That sounds like something only Johnny would do, I got a good chuckle from this!

Brian + Cheryl B. said...

Hi Jen :-)
The taped in window made me chuckle! He knew he would be in trouble, so tried to take care of the situation himself. Wasn't completely able to, so recruited help from a brother. ;-p oh the similar stories that are coming to mind! chuckle, chuckle...

Everybody else that commented is right, the puppy IS adorable! Absolutely so! And little boys do love puppies.

But Uncle "M" was way out of line in and his actions proved he knew that he was.

To turn around and take the puppy away from such young children now would be cruelty.

But to just drop the subject and let the uncle 'get away' with his actions, would also be wrong. It would be setting a very bad president for him to continue in, as well as a bad example for your children.

It's time for a face-to-face talking to with Uncle "M". He gave the puppy to the four year old, who will be held responsible for the cleaning up the daily piles left in the yard, (the son will thus never accept anything again with out checking with you first). But the uncle is to foot the financial support of the dog. The weekly supply of dog food. And notifying the vet that all bills for the dog are to be sent to him.
And I'd even suggest a letter that both the four year old boy and uncle "M" have to both sign agreeing to said terms.

The uncle will probably reconsider before acting on such actions in the future. And you won't be left to foot the bill for feeding a mastiff of all things.

Amanda B. said...

Ha ha ha!!! This made me laugh out loud!!!

That puppy is soooooo cute! :)