Friday, June 12, 2009

Get Ready for the "Make It From Scratch" Carnival!

On June 16th, I am pleased to announce that I will again be guest-hosting the weekly...

...Blog Carnival! (If you're not sure what a blog carnival is, click HERE.)

I would like to cordially invite each and every one of you to enter your "make it from scratch" posts HERE, by Sunday, June 14th, 11:59 PM. You can write a new post especially for this carnival, or you can search your archives and enter one you've already written. Many bloggers enter posts about something they've made in their kitchen from scratch, but you could also enter crafts you've made, homemaking creations or anything else you might consider "made from scratch".

Please come back here Tuesday, June 16th (or everyday until then if you'd like!) to see what your fellow homemakers are making from scratch! We're going to have a great time and remember, I'll look forward to your entries by Sunday! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

P.S. Please email me at mom2my9[at]gmail[dot]com or leave a comment if you have any questions. Thanks!

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