Friday, June 26, 2009

Popular Posts of the Past: Losing a Husband, Twins, and a Mannequin

It's been a while since I've posted, I know, but I've been stressed. I decided to spend a week with my mom, and during our stay, I have realized just how twin-proof I have made my own home. We've tried to make adjustments for them, but some things we just can't change. For instance, her couches are lower than mine, so they can climb on them, never allowing me a moment's rest with my laptop without eight limbs climbing all over me. We've put up three gates, but two of them are so tall that it takes our greatest gymnast skills to get over them every time we need to go to the bathroom. So, yes, I'm stressed. With that, since I've neglected you, my readers, all week, I have decided to post a few links to my most popular posts from the past. Here goes...

-Profund Piles of Laundry is a poignant post about laundry and losing my husband.

-Wordless Wednesday: Sleeping Twins Holding Hands (self-explanatory).

-Wally is about our experience with my father's wish to keep his children safe by making them travel with a mannequin. Read about "Wally's" adventures with police officers and our friendly border patrol!

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alessandra said...

Don't mind, we women and moms can well understand your stress.

Cheryl B. said...

Our cat out and out refused to accept our dog ... to aid with sanity, we kept the cat upstairs and the dog down during the day. At Target (and I'm sure they are available elsewhere) we found a gate/gate. The main part is a two and a half (or so) foot high gate that is spring loaded and firmy attaches against the walls (they recommend woodwork, like door frames). In the middle of that gate, is a openable swinging gate. There is a little spring loaded lever at the top you pull back which releases this inner gate and allows you to swing it open either direction. You just have to step over the metal bar at the bottom. While it was more expensive than other style gates, it has proved to be worth every penny!!!
~ a ?. Just how l-o-n-g is your coffee table that it can hold that many peoples stacks of laundry? ;-p
~ I LOVE the maniquin idea!!! too funny!!! We once came upon some for sale at a going out of businnes sale at a store. We decided that if the Lord ever does allow us to build this Adult Retreat Center that we feel He's leading us towards, we'll get some maniquins, and dress them up as the different characters from the clue game (complete with small name tags), put them various places through out the building, and see how many people catch on ;-b
Here's a hug and smile for your day :-D

Amanda B. said...

These were all great posts. I remember them all. I have really enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. It is definitely tough having twin toddlers in a different place. Been there...... :)