Thursday, October 7, 2010

How to Freeze Doughnut Dough


Do you remember when I shared THIS "Crispy Creamy Doughnut" recipe with you a few weeks ago?

So just in case I didn't adequately describe these doughnuts, can I just say that they are the most exquisite thing I think I have ever put into my mouth. The first sensation you experience as you bite into the doughnut is the light powdered sugar glaze that coats the entire doughnut. It has hardened to perfection and flakes in light, crispy pieces on your lips and tongue, leaving just a hint of vanilla flavor. As you bite further into the doughnut, your teeth sink into a soft, warm, light, fluffy, rich (yes, all at the same time) confection that seems to melt in your mouth the entire duration it's in there. Oh, YES.

I didn't mean for that to sound sexual, but it kind of did. These doughnuts are just so, so good.

So, in an effort to make it easier for me to indulge in these little rotund delights, I recently attempted to freeze them after they had risen the second time, then thaw them, then fry them. And let me tell you... ecstasy all over again, completely fresh-tasting, light (although a smidge heavier than when fried fresh), and warm... perfect for these chilly fall mornings.

So, just in case you didn't get the process in the above wooing of my doughnuts, here it is...

Step 1. Make the Crispy Creamy Doughnut recipe posted all HERE.

Step 2. After punching down the dough after the first rise, form into doughnut shapes and allow the doughnuts to rise until doubled in bulk. At this point, flash-freeze them in the freezer for one to two hours, or until completely hardened, then place them in sealed Ziploc freezer bags.

Step 3. About an hour before you are ready to consume them, remove them from the freezer and allow them to defrost out on the counter. This is a most important step. I tried to fry them right out of the freezer, and while they looked absolutely stunning on the outsides, their insides were completely raw... I mean COMPLETELY raw. Don't make the mistake I did and make sure to defrost them.

I'd love to know if you try this recipe and/or technique and what you think of it.

By the way, I have no idea why I make these doughnuts and think that I'm going to lose weight. Maybe just once a week? Don't tell my health coach.

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alessandra said...

There's nothing how to be on a diet, to make one appreciate the sensuality of food.

Panamamama said...

Why did you do this to me? Now I have to try them! :)