Monday, October 4, 2010

Homemaker Monday: Top Ten Reasons I'm Googled!

A couple of things...

First, don't forget to enter my $100 Visa Gift Card giveaway HERE! and....

I'm running a little late with my Homemaker Monday post, but below is Mcklinky for those of you who were a little more organized than I was! Thank you so much for your links and your visits and have a great day!

MINE: Just thought it'd be fun to show you the top ten reasons I'm googled....

10. Homemade teriyaki sauce


9. How to can dry beans


8. Easy camping menu


7. Vegan blender pancakes


6. 100% whole wheat rolls


5. Vegetarian 15-bean soup


4. Shortening-free pie crust


3. How to sprout wheat


2. How to make manna bread


1. Cake ball recipes


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Julie @ Get Healthy Cheap said...

The top ten reasons you're Googled are all really good reasons! I'll have to figure out mine. Thanks for hosting, I'm bringing dessert to the table this week with good old fashioned bread pudding. :)

alessandra said...

Food, food and again food. Funny!

Katie Riddle said...

I can see wht those would be your top 10 searches. Those recipes look delicious!

Bellismom said...

I wrote a post one time about the mace I carry on my keyring breaking and me not knowing it. So for two days I had really itchy eyes and a scratchy throat and didn't know why. I wrote a post about it and titled it Biological Warfare because I jokingly started to think someone had released some sort of chemical into the air causing my symptoms. To this day "biological warfare" is the top Google search that brings people to my blog. Kinda scary!

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Bellismom, that is so interesting! I did a post once on how my back looks like Ursula's, that that keyword is in my top 20~!

a moderate life said...

Hi! first time visitor to your lovely blog. I am now following you. My first link with you is all about chasing away the cold and flu with healthy home remedies. Alex@amoderatelife

a moderate life said...

Thank you so much for the visit and for putting A Moderate Life on your Awesome Homemaker blog roll. I will return the favor and put you on my blog roll page, which is currently under construction, but I promise, your 11th Heaven is on there! All the best and you may want to link to our hearth and soul hop on tuesdays which is right up your alley! Alex@amoderatelife

Jenn said...

That's a good top ten to have! ;D

Elsa said...

Great top 10!

MissJess said...

The number one reason is EXACTLY how I discovered you!!

I am now an avid reader of your awesome blog!