Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Copykat Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls


This post is going to seem somewhat incongruous with the post I did yesterday, but there comes a time when we all must have a cinnamon roll. And if we are going to have a cinnamon roll, it should be the best recipe ever made.

I've decided that I'm not necessarily a great cook or baker, but it seems that the 15-year-old girl and I are super-good at finding amazing recipes. Most of our recipes come from, but another other really cool food site is I don't know how this lady does it, but Stephanie Manley concocts recipes that taste just like the ones at your favorite restaurants! One thing I love about using Copykat recipes is that when you make them, you can choose to serve yourself a normal portion size, not enough for 4 to 8, as many restaurants are serving today.

I did make these Cinnabon copycats a bit smaller than you would find at Cinnabon, but I think they were even better, because they were so fresh.

Instead of posting the recipe here, I'm going to give you the link, just to show appreciation to Stephanie Manley, creator of Check out her site. You're going to love it, I promise you!

HERE'S the recipe, which actually came from, linked to from Enjoy!

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Sue said...

I've been making these forever--they are truly wonderful. I divy up the recipe between 3 cake pans-we have one right away, and I freeze the other 2 pans. Works very well.

JP said...

Good one...

alessandra said...

I think I prefer this kind of diet, I won't lose weight? Oh, well!

Luvmy9 said...

I love the picture of DM before and after. Mir just had a 4-D ulstrasound and it looks like this boy will be a carbon copy of Matt, AGAIN.

Stephanie Manley said...

Thank you for the very kind mention!