Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Boy's Fairy Tale Life

The following is a letter written on Father's Day by our 19-year-old missionary son to John, my husband and his step-father. This letter is used with permission...

Dear John,

Let me tell you a story.

There was once a 13-year-old boy with an older sister, two younger brothers and two younger sisters. The boy had a father who he didn't know TOO well but who he deeply loved. One day this boy woke up to the news that neither he nor his brothers or sisters would have a father any longer. Of course you can imagine the effect this news would have on a boy of only 13 years and you can, of course, imagine how his life would be drastically different from that point on.

Moving forward from that point, the boy lived on without hope of a father in the future. Who could possibly replace that man who had raised him from his birth?

Well, who would have guessed that just a few months later the boy's mother would meet the man of her dreams and shortly after that they would be married and the man, expecting his first child, the mother, her seventh? Who, then, would have guessed that that same man, for the next 6 years, would provide for and take care of that family of 6, 7, 9 and then 10? And who ever would have guessed that that now 19-year-old boy would serve a mission for the Lord and always look up to that man who encouraged him to do so? That same man who was willing to sacrifice everything when the Lord needed him to bless the lives of a family in desperate need.

I can tell you that that stubboorn little boy sure wouldn't have guessed any of that. But it sure happened and had it not, there might have been a very sad boy with a very sad mother and five very sad siblings who would have, never again, had a dad.

Now, of course, thats not a very detailed or very well told version of the story but it's got the parts that matter and mean the most. And, because of that man who replaced the boys father, there is a very happy boy with 9 very happy siblings and a very happy mom.

Thanks John. Happy Fathers Day.

-Elder Cox

P.S. I know it's cheesy... But I also know you like cheesy things.

Addendum: The P.S. is part of the boy's letter, too.

P.S. My sister and I are finally getting skinnier!

See how we're doing it HERE! :)


Salsa Mama said...

I just read this to my fam. LOOOOVE it. Thank you for sharing!!

C said...

Doug and I love this. I cried. 19-year old boy, you rock. John, I look up to you so much I can't even say. Cousin Jen, you are a light and example! I miss you all so much. What a beautiful letter!!!


Karen said...

That is beautiful. What an awesome son who put his words on paper. John will cherish that forever!

Kami said...

I like cheesy, too, so thank you for sharing! This is incredibly sweet and gives hope to this step-mama to four beautiful babes who lost their mama, that maybe one day they will really appreciate that I came into their lives. Your boy is very sweet, you've done well raising him!

Hugs, friend!

Brian + Cheryl B. said...

Oh Jen, your right, I DO like cheesy! Even though it makes me all teary eyed. And you just helped me decide what it is I'm going to go post about today. Thanks friend!

Anonymous said...

I cried as I read this post JEn....WOW you have an awesome son and Amzing Hubby! How lucky you are all to have each other. You guys are special to me...LOVE YOU

Black Rose said...

wow so sweet. the father may be proud of about the son right now. best of like 19 year old boy :D

Luvmy9 said...

That is so sweet. I love how they appreciate, finally, what they have when they move out. And what an incredible expression of love from a boy of any age. I know John must treasure that letter. Miss you, wish your trip was to here.

Jessica S. said...

I happened upon your blog by "accident." After posting on mine, I clicked "Next Blog" and yours came up.

It was an answer to my prayers. I Mormon, too. I am divorced. I have 3 children. My ex-husband is in the Army and in 2006 decided he had found happiness with someone else. Our divorce was final in June 2010. I just hit the 1 year mark and I have been struggling with being single. I love the church. I can't imagine my life without Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. But recently the weight of my 1 year divorce anniversary was really wearing me down. Tears and prayers, and tears and prayers... When I read this post your missionary son sent, it gave me such hope.
I had kind of resigned myself to being single forever because who would want to take on a divorced woman with 3 kids. Your husband did, with double that amount of kids!
Thank you for your post and for helping my spirits lift a little.