Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Help For a Newly-Widowed Mother of Four

Today I'd like to post about a matter that is close to my heart. Recently a photographer friend contacted me and asked me to spread the word about a family in need. Emily, of Emily Heizer Photography, introduces the Stephanie and her family as she met them on August 3rd, for a photo shoot....


"Stephanie is the mom of three AWESOME little boys. Five year old twins, and a three year old... with a baby girl on the way. They are all charmers, with big eyes, flirty eyelashes and amazing curly hair that any of us would envy. She wanted to do a session to commemorate the summer. A summer spent by the pool, playing in the sunshine and just enjoying this time before baby comes. She wanted the session to reflect just that. Her life, surrounded by her kids and memorializing this pregnancy.

The only person who wouldn't be able to be in the pictures was Daddy. Stephanie's husband was called home to be with Heavenly Father earlier this spring. He passed away without warning in his sleep."

Having lost a husband while I slept seven years ago, I would like to do whatever I can to help this beautiful family...

Says Emily: "Now that baby Johnna is here, there are four little munchkins who Stephanie is going to be taking care of by herself. A fund for their education has been set up in memorium of their dad, Justin. If you feel so inclined, Kellen, Grant, Lennox and Johnna Justine (named after her daddy) would be so grateful if you could lend a hand, or share this link.

Please feel free to share the links to this blog post on your blog, Pinterest page, Tumblr page, Facebook, MySpace or email... It's for the kids, and when it comes to the kids, I think we would all do anything.


"The PayPal donation below will take you directly to an account set up for Kellen, Grant, Lennox and Johnna."

To read Emily's entire post about this amazing family, and to view more stunning photos, please go HERE. Thank you so much for your visit and please keep them in your prayers.


Emily Heizer Photography said...

Thank you so much Jen for sharing the word on this and helping this family. I now how close to home this would have hit you and I cannot thank you enough.

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Emily, no need to thank me. I'm so glad you brought this family to my attention and that I could do something to help.

Barett said...

Thank you for sharing about this opportunity. I found your blog today and was impressed with your story and your strength. Thank you for being a champion for another as well. I have re-posted your request and the donation link over on my blog where I try and encourage others to get involved with philanthropy. I hope my readers can help. Keep me updated on this families progress and financial needs. Thanks again.