Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Having Twins is Adorable


(Left to right: Twin B, Twin A)

As the twins get older, their differences in personalities, likes, talents, and gifts have become more manifest and it is fascinating to me.

Twin A has always been the brainy one. He always thinks before acting, studying a situation out to gauge the consequences before jumping in. As a result, he's had a lot fewer bruises than has Twin B during their first three years. He's also shy and timid, and won't talk to you unless he's met up with you on several occasions, and you've made a conscious effort to befriend him.

His gifts for processing have recently manifested themselves in his ability to learn to use media devices. One of the twins' favorite things to do is to watch Youtube videos. They watch everything from musical performances from Broadway, such was Wicked, to Emmitt Smith's greatest plays, to Dr. Seuss stories being read, to Michael Buble singing "Just Haven't Met You Yet". Twin A has learned to navigate through the videos he wants and he must always maximize them to full screen for the full effect. Twin B seems to have absolutely no interest or need to learn to do this because when he wants to watch a certain video, he simply asks Twin A to click it, and Twin A is happy to oblige. The same goes for using their father's Vizio tablet and the DVD player.

Twin B has always been the social one, always having had a ready smile and he's not afraid to make friends and tell them all about what is going on in his life. In recent weeks, he has become the phone and door answer-er, my secretary, in effect. Without words between them, he seems to be the twin that is always delegated to greet people who might be in need or want of something at the door or on the phone. While he greets, Twin A usually simply continues to navigate through youtube to find enjoyable videos for all to watch.

Now, lest ye judge, just know that youtube time certainly doesn't go on all day, just during the times when I need distraction, such as shower or dinner time. Most of the rest of our days are spent playing outside, eating sweet peas or raw sweet corn from the garden, and playing in the play-place John built for the kids...


...or tackling each other during a pick-up football game while I hang laundry...


And sometimes we go inside and just sit at the island and swipe our fingers all around the bowl covered with brownie batter. To me this is art...


...and thoroughness.

Explanations of how we don't watch Youtube videos all day aside, I just find it fascinating that the twins, as do some husbands and wives, seem to have become two halves of a whole; each developing his own gifts and relying on the other's talents to get things done as a pair. It seems as though I could learn a lot about how to get the most from marriage by watching their teamwork as they grow and learn and live out their daily lives. I thank God constantly for the gift of the twins.

Thanks for listening. :)


Kristin said...

Just beautiful, Jenny. Fun to get to know the twins better through this post.

Anonymous said...

I love twin A's belly peeking out from under the top of his costume...THey are just too cute. Thanks for sharing them growing up with us. Boy how time flies they should still be crawling around...LOL Love you guys

Expat Mom said...

Love this post! My boys aren't twins, but they are very close in age and I've found the same thing, they each have skills and talents that compliment the other. The oldest is my tech wizard while the younger is stronger and more physical. They have learned to rely on each other to get things done!

Anonymous said...

twins are great , i'm really enjoying having twins, but you! you have 10 children how in the world do you cope, i have so much to learn !!!