Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Conversation with My Sister in the Bathroom.....

...she being in the shower, me fixing my hair in front of the mirror...

Robyn: [mumbling something]

Me: What did you say?

Robyn: Nothing, I'm talking to myself.

Me: Well why are you talking to yourself? I'm right here! Why don't you talk to me?

Robyn: Well do you know about Quantum Physics?

Me: No.

Robyn: Okay then, that's why I'm talking to myself!

P.S. My sister and I are finally getting skinnier!
See how we're doing it HERE! :)


alessandra said...

Hahaha, great!

Courtney said...

hahahaha :) i like this.

JBirch22 said...

Watch "What the %!&@ do we know?"

THEN you will know about Quantum Physics!

Kristin said...

Her brain never, ever stops.