Monday, September 17, 2012

Homemaker Monday: My $13.96 6-Piece Outfit


-Silk wrap-around blouse, thrift store in Salt Lake City: $1.99
-Skirt, Savers: $3.99
-Shoes, thrift store in El Paso, TX: $3.99
-Necklace, Savers: $3.99
-Earrings, regifted to me by my mother because she thought they were tacky: FREE
-Broach clasp for blouse at waist, given to me for my birthday by a dear friend: FREE

Thanks for listening!!

What homemaking tips do you have? Link your post below. Have a great Homemaker Monday!


BarbaraJo said...

Look'n good Jen!

Susan said...

Just beautiful.

Anny Choo said...

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Ben@Modloft Furniture said...

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