Wednesday, October 10, 2012

An Unlikely Story in the Mountains of Chihuahua

Here'a an anecdote you might find interesting.

A couple of weeks ago, John, his father, my sister, and the kids and I drove up into the mountains for a hamburger fry. It was the first time in a long time I had nine of my children with me on an outing and I was really enjoying myself. We listened to my sister regale us with stories we already knew from our past, but which are always much funnier when she tells them, we watched the twins jump through the stream, and sat and relaxed as John began the meal preparations.

After starting to feel a little guilty about not helping him, I got up and started digging through the ice chest to see what I could do. It was then that I remembered I hadn't packed the smoked gouda as I'd planned to. I really can't stand eating a hamburger or veggie burger without cheese. I'd rather not eat one at all, so I said out loud, "Oh. I wish I had some cheese."

About twenty minutes later, and before my veggie burger was finished cooking, a man and a woman in an old pickup drove up through the shallow stream to where we had set up. The last time we had seen civilization was at least half an hour before, and we were completely alone in our shaded area by the stream. We waved at the driver, and he stopped and waved John over. After talking to the couple for a few seconds, John turned and yelled down-stream to where we were, a smile on his face, "Jen! He's selling cheese! How much do you want?"

You see where I'm coming from? Is this not an interesting anecdote? What are the chances of this occurring? We ended up purchasing a huge block of the ranchero cheese, and two weeks later we're still working on using it up. Only in Mexico!

Here are a few pics from the outing. I didn't take many, because I was simply enjoying the relaxing time with my family. Thanks for listening.... :)

The view of the mountains where we would meet the cheese man.....


The 12-year-old boy, climbing near ancient hieroglyphics...


The same boy, throwing large rocks over the cliff into the stream...


The 17-year-old girl, beginning a bike ride down the grade of the mountain on the way home...


Until next time!


Anonymous said...

I call that a tender mercy :)

Unknown said...

Just found your blog. LOVE IT!
Hope to read ore from you :)

Keeley said...

Holy cow!! What a tender mercy. What a wonderful day you had. =)