Friday, January 11, 2013

My Cardio Station.... How I try to make it interesting....

I don't know why, but my family members thought this graphic was funny. I'm trying to be serious. And inspiring. Maybe they're making fun of me because I have asthma.


Anyway, here is my cardio station. Like most normal humans, I loathe doing cardio. They say to make it fun. Go hiking! Biking! Swimming in a lake! Skiing! That's all good and great for those, well, shall we say, unlike me. I've got a tight driving schedule to stick to with one to eight children at home at any given time during the day. So, for me, it's an indoor machine that supplies my cardio needs, and the one I use is an elliptical John bought for me about seven years ago. For the first 7 years I had it, I never used it. Okay, maybe once. So I gave it to my mother for her birthday a year after I got it. And she never used it. Okay, maybe once. Then, again, about a year ago, I told my mother I was taking it back, because she never used it. She said she was about to start. I didn't believe her and she admitted that she was lying.

So I took it home, and I used it THREE times! But I hated it! I was always so bored! The time seemed to creep by at a sloth's speed, so I gave up. Again.

However, with my new-found enthusiasm for getting into shape, I've come to realize that lifting weights, eating a healthy diet, AND doing cardio are all part of the program. So I moved my elliptical out into the living room, so I could use it while Baby Hippo is watching videos on the computer in the kitchen, and got set up.

So that you completely understand the photo, I'll explain. I have my kindle set up as my timer, my current issue of Shape open to a special elliptical workout that mixes things up a bit, thus reducing the boredom factor, my inhaler, in case asthma strikes, which it rarely does, but just in case, my poly-carbonate cup of water, which is ridiculous because I really should have a water bottle. I spill all over myself when I try to drink and elliptisize. But most important is my laptop. I watch youtube videos while I go, and this helps the time go a little faster than at a sloth's speed. And I mostly watch videos about fitness or healthy recipes, to help me remember why I'm doing this. It works. Really.

I really don't know why I shared this. My oldest daughter did tell me I'm an inspiration today and that she has gotten three of her friends to work out with her, which made me so happy. So, maybe someone out there reading this will get on their treadmill and start moving.

Thanks for listening! :)


Emily Heizer Photography said...

Can you reach all of those items from the elliptical while you're on it? It looks soooo far away. Like a tease of other things you could be doing. On the couch. lol

Sarah said...

Good job! I always feel like I'm about to fall over when I try using the elliptical, so my hat's off to you. :)