Saturday, April 26, 2008

Counting Pennies at Home Tip of the Day

June 10, 2008
When we go out to eat, we rarely let the kids order soda. For one thing, it's bad for them. For another thing, it can fill them up even before the meal comes! And last of all, it can add up to $18 dollars for our bill! The only exception to this is if they forego dessert and choose to have their soda as their dessert. I know, we're mean!

June 7, 2008

Today I came across an inspirational blog written by a friend of mine about living on less. Click here to get to that post.

June 6, 2008

Another anti-disposable post:

As a way to save on paper towels, we have some house rules on how to clean up stuff.

1. If you have to clean up a spill in the kitchen, use the dishrag we usually have draped over the sink

2. If you have to dry your hands after washing, use the hand towels we have draped over the oven handle.

3. The only time papers towels are to be used is when cleaning the babies' faces or hands.

In order to encourage the kids to follow these, rules, I store the paper towels in the top shelf of one of our cabinets above the sink to make them extra-inconvenient to reach, therefore, hopefully causing the kids to think twice before using them.

June 5, 2008

Paper products cause so much waste, so I try to use disposables as little as possible. Instead of buying paper napkins, we use cloth napkins for every meal. I found eight sets of eight white napkins for $1.99 each at the Thrift store. I have also found several different sets with colorful patterns for the same price that we use when company comes. Not only does it make us feel elegant, but we are helping the environment while teaching our kids good manners!

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The Farmer's Wife said...

I LOVE that idea! I am totally going for the cloth napkin...I love a cloth napkin and I had totally forgotten that! Thanks for the reminder. I loved the quick visit last night...sorry I got distracted with the egg drop and ran off.....I would love to see your house...just about came over today...I will next visit to Juarez...Hugs!