Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Day in the Life of Me

6:30 Get up for the day
7:00 Nurse Hyrum
Encourage the kids to get ready for school and do their chores
7:30 Keep encouraging the kids a little more forcefully
7:39 Tell the kids, in somewhat of a loud voice, that they have one more minute to finish their chores and get in the car
7:41 Yell out the door at Conor as he is driving off to remind the kids to get a ride home with Amie, Landon's teacher.
7:45 Now begin encouraging the two little kids to finish getting ready for school
Begin cleaning up breakfast and wandering around the house to make sure the chores were done and, if not, begin planning the punishments upon arrival after school
8:16 Yell to Landon and Claire that their ride is here and to grab they back packs and run!
Nurse Joseph
8:17 Compliment Landon on how cool he looks for "Naco" day, the day they get to dress really weird and backwards and inside-out
8:30 Put Joseph in the swing and pick up Hyrum
Nurse Hyrum
8:45 Turn on Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron for Johnny for the first of many times during the day
9:00 Look at the clock and realize that there are still four more hours till nap time
9:30 Put Hyrum in swing and finally am able to start straightening things up!
Separate the cream from the milk from today's milking. Happily realize that the cow gave almost three gallons today and a whole quart of cream!
10:00 Make butter
10:30 Clean up mess in kitchen, sweep, mop
10:32 Receive visitor from across the street
Nurse Joseph
10:45 Take visitor, Johnny and Joseph through tour of house.
10:55 Give Joseph to visitor and nurse Hyrum
11:00 Feed Johnny hard-boiled egg
Try to help Johnny deal with melt-down because he is not allowed to eat hard-boiled egg in living room
11:20 Give Hyrum to visitor and hope the Joseph will go in his swing
11:25 Begin boiling water for mac 'n' cheese, open a can of olives, (why, I don't know) and get out the dishes for lunch time
11:30 Continue to help Johnny deal with his melt-down by letting him sit up on the counter and eat the olives (I guess that was why)
11:45 Take Hyrum from visitor
Nurse Hyrum
12:10 Welcome kids home from lunch and try to explain why we are having mac 'n' cheese, olives and hard-boiled eggs from lunch. No good explanation was found
12:20 Encourage kids to put dishes in dishwasher
12:25 Welcome big kids home for lunch, along with one friend
Grateful that I made extra, but embarrassed about the contents of the lunch
12:30 Nurse Joseph
12:45 Encourage the kids to go back to school after making sure they each cleaned 15 things
12:46 Yell out the door to Kyla not to forget her music for voice lesson and piano lesson
12:47 Wipe down counter and finish lunch clean-up
1:00 Change Johnny's diaper, put him in bed and read him a book
1:05 Bring Hyrum to Johnny's room to nurse him
1:10 Help Johnny deal with melt-down because I can't get up to turn on his fish lamp
1:12 Give in to Johnny's melt-down, pop Hyrum off the breast, turn on Johnny's fish lamp, put his blanket back on him, and start nursing Hyrum again
1:15 Think that maybe I could take a nap now
1:20 Hear Joseph waking up in the swing
1:22 Nurse Joseph
1:40 Lay Joseph back down to nap
1:41 Nurse Hyrum
1:50 Finally fall asleep
2:00 Hear door bell ring
2:10 Hear door bell ring for the 20th time, but decide not to answer it as I knew there were two little neighbor children at the door needing something, but not wanting to disturb Hyrum sleeping on my left side, and Johnny now sleeping on my right side
2:15 Still listening to door bell ring and now pounding starts
2:20 Still ringing and pounding so by then, my adrenaline is so high that I swiftly walk to the door and tell the sweet little children to please not ring for 15 minutes if I don't answer. I try to say all this in spanish, but again, the adrenaline, and I don't think I made much sense.
2:21 Felt bad and told the children to come back so I could give them what they needed
2:30 Tried to lay back down to nap
2:40 Neighbor's maid comes over to give me some funds I am owed
2:41 Decide to starting blogging "A Day in the Life of Me"
3:00 Johnny wakes up for good
3:18 Greet Reid and he tells me he wants to blog
3:23 Will continue rest of the day later so Reid can blog
(Sorry about the weird thing where I go back and forth from past to present tense. Kelli, where are you when I need you?)


Kristin said...

Oh my gosh, Jenny, I'm tired just reading that! That was so hilarious - I am pretty mad at those neighbor kids, though. You HAVE to finish your whole day, OK?

The Farmer's Wife said...

Jen, this is Shelley Jones....I love your blog! I am glad the Victoria and Kyla are friends!

laurice. said...

I don't know how you do it!

BarbaraJo said...

You are so funny. No one can say Mom's have it easy and just sit around all day. Cute Blog!!