Monday, April 28, 2008

Kyla's Care

Here is another manifestation of the Spirit in my life. The joy of having a family is clear to see in this picture of Kyla and Joseph sleeping together. I had asked her to take a turn carrying him around as I helped clean up lunch after church. She asked if she could take care of him upstairs and listen to her IPOD. I agreed and you can see that they both very much enjoyed the tunes! They slept this way for over an hour and I was able to sneak a little nap, too!

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Kristin said...

Wow, when you have a lot of kids, all sorts of things happen that you didn't have any control over - and a lot of them are really good, relationship-building things, huh? That's how I feel when I send Keane and Rhedd out of the kitchen so I can cook and then they unexpectedly come up with some game that I never would have thought of (usually the game consists of Rhedd jumping around like an animal and making very growly sounds, Keane laughing, and the cycle repeats itself)