Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Apron Contest Winner and Inspiration For the Season

I have to tell you, this contest was so fun! It was awesome to see how many people knew me intimately, and for those who didn't, they soon did once they took the how-well-do-you-know-me quiz. Here were the questions, along with where you can find the answers if you didn't take the quiz...

1. What is my favorite brand of peanut butter? Answer HERE.

2. What would I have named the baby I am currently gestating had he been a girl? Answer HERE.

3. Who did my spooky internet stalker turn out to be? Answer HERE.

4. How do I keep a single fly from bothering my sleeping babies? Answer HERE.

5. At what recent event did I feel like a total failure? Answer HERE.

6. I can die happy after I finish what particular task each day? Answer HERE.

7. What feature about my husband does my grandmother particularly like? Answer HERE.

8. What did the 14-year-old girl do during the black-out at her slumber party? Answer HERE.

9. Which twin was lying on the floor recently while the other ran circles around him? Answer HERE.

10. Recount one cool person we saw at McDonald's. Answer HERE.

There were many of you who received a perfect score on the quiz, so from your group, I drew a random name, and here is the winner......

...LAYNE B.!

Congratulations, Layne! If you could just email me your mailing address (mom2my9 [at] gmail [dot] com), I will get THIS apron off to you....

Thanks to everyone who played, and if you didn't win, don't worry, I will be giving away more aprons in the future!

And now, for some holiday cheer. To give credit where credit is due, I first saw this on Trench Mommy's blog and I was, how do I say it....inspired? Hope you are, too! Have a great day!


alessandra said...

Hahahahaha, funny video!

Amanda B. said...

Congrats to the winner! I have seen that video before- it is hilarious!! love it!

Mandy said...

Awe! Thanks for the linky love! I love the story of your e-mail stalker! Oh my! I would have been WICKED scared!

S. Chaffee said...

Great video! I had to share it on my blog too! It will apear sometime tomorrow ;o)

Keeley said...

Bummer I didn't win the apron - but that video was AWESOME!!!!

Erin said...

Thanks for the laugh! That video was hysterical!

Cheryl B. said...

from the 'for what it's worth dept.'- I knew all of the answers, with out needing to look a single one up, the first time I read the quiz through. :-D

So why didn't I play? Because part of your requirements was that we also had to list your contest on our own blogs, and I have chosen not to do such. I've been tempted to break that upon a few occasions (this being one of them!!), but have decided not to. Why? Because then everybody that hosts a "theme day" will be expecting me to also list their "contests, promos, etc." and I really don't wanna go there!

Aw well. Choices have consequences. But I really did like that apron!! I thought it was classicly cute and yet sassy ... In-fact, I had thought of wearing it to serve Brian supper one night when all of our "boys" weren't home ... o:-}