Friday, November 12, 2010

I've been waiting for this moment for nearly 7 months!

My dear friend, BJ, has finally given birth to her precious baby girl, and I got to hold her naked for almost two hours for her newborn photo shoot! She was so easy and only peed twice, once on my blanket and once on her dad, which he deserves. Here's a few of my faves, and if you would like to see the rest, I'll be posting them at Fotografia Colonia soon!


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Randall and Christy Hatch said...

Cute!!! Great job!! And yes, he deserves to be peed on... J/K!!!!

alessandra said...

Really, does he deserve to be peed on? Curious.
This is the perfect job for you, I mean photographing babies, isn't it?

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Yes, Ale and Christy, he really does deserve to be peed on. I think it humbles him.

And yes, Ale, I LOVE doing this! I really have felt God's hand leading me to do this. :)

Keeley said...

Oh my, so cute. Beautiful pictures.

Kristin said...

OH man, I want one. Beautiful pics, Jen.

Panamamama said...

So sweet!