Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Family + Friends = 13 Around the Table

"We need to make family mealtime a daily event. Today, many find it easier to graze individually in their kitchens, dine from their cars, or go to the nearest restaurant for a quick meal rather than prepare a meal and sit down together as a family.

"What are we losing? Family meals have numerous beneficial effects. Evidence suggests that family meals help children have better nutrition, fewer psychological problems, and less risky or self-destructive behaviors. Family meals in a positive environment also play an important role in preventing unhealthy weight-control practices.

"The simple acts of creating a meal and enjoying it together help family members stay connected. The meal doesn’t have to be elaborate to create a time to connect and get a feeling for each person’s day. Outside distractions can be managed so that the emphasis is on passing food, talking, and interacting. Children learn to share family food instead of asking for individualized orders as they do in a restaurant. The regular family mealtime gives children a sense of security because they know what to expect at the end of each day. It is also a time to express gratitude to God in prayer for the meal and other blessings. Perhaps most important, the routine of family mealtimes can promote informal gospel discussions."

Shirley R. Klein, “Three Tools to Build a Sacred Home,” Liahona, Jul 2007, 14–17

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Kristin said...

Very nice thought, Jenny. I need to do this more at my house - I'll often just throw some food at the kids instead of setting the table and sitting down with them.

Cassie said...

We always have family dinner together except in extreme circumstances. I couldn't imagine doing it another way. It is when we all catch up with what is going on with each other.

Kami said...

I love this! It's such a great reminder :) We have family meals together every night and it is so wonderful!

Cheryl B. said...

Jen, Family meal time is ever so important!!! So many 'tidbits' come out during them, so many laughs get shared, so much of 'life' comes up that you get to insert your 'input' on ....

If it was a socceer game night, then the family knew dinner would be AFTERwords! "Have a pbj for now".

We have benches on either side of our table, makes it easy to have people scooch over so one more person can squueze in. And upon many an occasion, the chairs at either end were replaced by the piano bench and another bench so more could fit as well.

Raising your family to be 'together' and share, and care, and all .... later gives you the (absolute) privalage of doing postings like mine today - http://thehousethatlovebuilt.xanga.com/714016342/item/. :->

Amanda B. said...

Maybe not quite "wordless" but a very good message. I agree completely! Awesome picture! :)

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Haha, Amanda, not my words, so still wordless to me!

Anonymous said...

I need to work on this. We only eat together a few time a week. With busy teens it is hard to get a schedule that will fit everyone. But I know it is important.

Love the pic