Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Where We Found Twin A

To see what this closet looks like when it was organized, go HERE. (Sorry to post such an embarassing photo, Honey.)

I am pleased to list this post at 5 Minutes For Mom's "Wordless Wednesday".

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alessandra said...

Today I have nothing funny to say!
I want your cabinet...your carpenter....your broom closet......whaaaaaaa!!!!!

KK said...

That picture is adorable and hilarious.

and I second alessandra- I love your kitchen storage/kitchen!

Anonymous said...

FUnny! What a cutie

Cheryl B. said...

My husband does not at all care for or like peanut butter. The reason? When he was about three years old, he hid in his mothers big cupboard and ate about 3/4ths of one of the old Shedd's pails of peanut butter before she found him ....