Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sabbath-Prep Saturday #3: Hermano Juan's Easy Pinto Bean Soup With Homemade Horchata and More!

Welcome to Sabbath-Prep Saturday, where we meet to share tips on how to make the sabbath what it should be - a more relaxing, enjoyable day to spend with our families and worship God. If you're new to Sabbath-Prep Saturday, and would like a little history as to what we're doing here and why I started it, click HERE.

The Menu:
-Hermano Juan's Easy Pinto Bean Soup (click HERE for recipe)
-Avocado, Cilantro, Fresh Tomato, Cheese and Green Onion Garnish
-Homemade Horchata (Mexican Rice Drink) (click HERE for the recipe)
-Flan (click HERE for recipe)

Small appliances you'll need for advanced prep:
-Crock Pot

Prep Method:
-Make the flan and refrigerate.
-Make the horchata and refrigerate.
-Grate the cheese of your choice.
-Right before bed, place the beans and chicken stock in the crockpot on low.

Sunday Morning:
-Add the remaining ingredients to the beans and continue to cook in the crockpot on low.

Sunday After Church:
-Chop up the cilantro, tomatoes, avocados, and green onions.
-Warm up the tortillas.
-Set the table and serve your meal.

How I love a good Mexican meal! Here's Mr. Linky in case you've got a Sabbath Prep idea. Thanks for joining us today!

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~~gail~~aka: mooselovingmamabear said...

Great, yummy, recipe...I know that we'll be trying... TFS...

Melinda said...

Another yummy recipe! Have a good Sunday!