Friday, July 22, 2011

Santa Monica Beach!!!

K, here are the pics from my long-lost camera, which was retrieved. Most of them need no explanation except for the last four, which explanation will follow.....

Oh, and P.S., these photos were taken with my cheap camera. I'm totally spoiled and wish I could have used my DSLR, but I didn't want to get sand in it!


Okay, the first shot below was taken as I was simply trying to get the twins to put their arms around each other, unsuccessfully. The second shot is of them directing their attention to the 11-year-old boy as he called their names. The third and fourth are the twins reacting to something the 11-year-old boy did. If I could learn to do whatever it was he did, I'd be an amazing photographer...


Thanks for listening. :)



BarbaraJo said...

Beautiful! You just proved that you don't need the fanciest of cameras to take gorgeous pictures!

Amanda B. said...

That beach is just gorgeous!!!!! Love the twins pictures at the bottom- those are classic!!