Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Update on Missing Camera

I just thought you all would like to know that I did drop my camera out of my purse during our beach visit to Santa Monica. However, I dropped it on the floor of the driver's side of our 15-passenger van while I was digging through my purse for a diaper for Baby Hippo. I had changed him in the driver's side seat, put everything back into my purse, except the camera, apparently, buckled Baby Hippo into his seat, then myself into the passenger's seat and went home through downtown L.A. The night drive through L.A.'s skyscrapers was so beautiful that I NEEDED a picture, but as a rummaged through my purse, my camera was nowhere to be found.

When we arrived home, I looked on the floor of the van everywhere I remember putting my purse, I looked through all of the beach clothes and towels, I called my sister to ask if it could have ended up in her bags, and as per Emily and Life Happens' suggestions in THIS post, I posted my lost camera on Craigs List and "liked" and left a comment on THIS site and THIS site.

I kept waking up all night, thinking about the photos I had lost, the ones where the twins were both standing next to each other in the cutest matching sweaters with not even the smallest crack of a smile on their faces, then as their 11-year-old brother stood behind me and did something to make them laugh (I still don't know what), catching them burst into uncontrollable laughter. I thought of my niece, with her curtain of hair in her face after diving into waves and Baby Hippo's upside down face and he struck a pre-summersault pose and of John in silhouette, as he walked down the beach with the twins and Baby Hippo, an amusement park in the background.

I thought of all these photos I had lost, and tried to stop thinking of them because I needed to focus on the fact that we were all together and having fun and we still had our memories and we were safe.

We went to the beach again today, a different beach, and after spending five hours there with many small children, I was exhausted and ready to go. When it was time to head home, John and my sister loaded up all the kids in the van while I went to the dressing room to change out of my swimsuit and into my street clothes for the long drive back to our hotel. When I returned to the van, as I lethargically opened the door, I looked towards the driver's side to see John with a big smile on his face holding out my red camera in its gray case! I threw up my hands and my mouth fell open and I exclaimed something really happy, but I don't remember what and I asked where he had found it.... Under the driver's side seat, right where I took it our of my purse to get the diaper for Baby Hippo the night before.

Thanks, John, for looking under your seat for some reason. I never did ask you why. Remind me to do that. I love you! :)

Thanks for listening and thanks for your concern about my camera. Love you guys!

Oh, I'll post pics from found camera soon!


Lynn said...

YAY! Hurray! Now you can get a good night's sleep. ; D

chibbylick said...


Mark and Amy said...

hip hip hooray!

Cooking with K said...

So happy for you...I have done the same thing! Blessings, K

BarbaraJo said...

so happy for you!!! can't wait to see those pictures!

Life Happens said...

YAY! I am so glad that you found your camera. It would have been sad to lose all of those precious pictures!

Toyin O. said...

So glad you found your camera:)