Wednesday, October 14, 2009

9 Ways My Kids Make Me Proud...

1. The 20-year-old girl works with special needs adults and has grown to love them. Even if the management situation at her work isn't ideal, she has learned to get a new attitude and focus on what really matters...the patients.

2. When the 17-year-old boy met the Nickelback band signing autographs at a BestBuy recently, of all the questions he could have asked them, he asked, "Hey, why are all of your songs about drugs, sex, and booze?" Their reply? "Cuz that's all that matters, dude." Sick.

3. The 14-year-old girl cleaned all of the 3 three and under's toys from off the living room floor.....without. being. asked. HUGE!

4. When the 13-year-old boy hears one of the 3 three and under fussing, he almost always gets up to see what is wrong, even if he is sick.

5. The 9-year-old boy remembered many anecdotes from the two-day church conference he attended in Salt Lake, about which I posted HERE.

6. The 7-year-old girl rearranged her bedroom. I still can't figure out how she moves all of her furniture on her own when she does this regularly.

7. The 3-year-old is capable of gently breaking up fights between Twin A and Twin B.

8. Twin A loves to look at pictures of Jesus, and stops in his tracks and points every time he sees one, no matter how different it is from the last. Jesus was, in fact, his second word!

9. As well as loving to look at pictures of Jesus like Twin A, Twin B can communicate to me that he needs a glass of water by moving the 25-gallon stainless steel trashcan out of the way of his sippy cup drawer, fishing out a sippy cup, bringing it to me, then pointing to the water dispenser of the fridge. Who needs words when one can do this?

So, what does your family do that makes you proud?

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Ash said...

Sounds like you have awesome kids!

I was just like your 7 year old. I would go to clean my room and end up completely rearranging it all by myself. Now that I think back I am not sure how I did it, I was a little tiny thing, but I managed to! :)

Cassie said...

You definitely have amazing kids. My favorite was the 17 year old! That is incredible that a. he would notice the lack of variety in subject manner and b. that he would have the guts to ask them to their face!

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Thank you, Ash, and Cassie, I agree, I think I like what the 17-year-old boy said the best. I was so proud of him!

Anonymous said...

You kids ROCK. Very cool that your oldest works with special needs people. Takes a special person for that. I really think your kids are awesome. Doesn't make you proud when they do these things on their own...You are a great mother.

I am proud when.............

My 13&15 yr old boys are the only ones who show up for a service project. And I didnt even have to pull them out of bed at 7:30am on a Saturday morning.

My kids have each others back. They may fight and quarrel at times but at the end of the day nobody better mess with their brother or sister.

My kids take pride in the way they dress and look. I feel like if they look good it makes me look good. Mission accomplished!

Just a few things-

Thanks for post Jen.

laurice. said...

What a sweet post!

Bellismom said...

Sounds like you have got some really great kids!

CHELZERS said...

You truly are a super mom. I will be reading your blog for many years to come for tips on how to raise my own kids!
I'm proud of my girls when they show compassion for each other when they are crying or upset calling them by name "what wrong? you ok?"
and when they sit and play together nicely without fighting. That's truly something amazing with three 2.5 year olds!!

alessandra said...

With such special parents, how could have been otherwise ;)
Me too I'm proud when my kids feel compassion or are kind with each other and other people.

Rose said...

Sounds like you have great children. My youngest son is on his way home from a church conference. He could be out partying like most teens but he's not and my 19 1/2 year old daughter is visiting her b/f's family. She called me just to let me know she arrived safety and to say goodnight.