Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Have the Best Husband Ever! No, Really!

Happy 54th birthday, Dearest John!

Here are 54 things I love about you, sub-divided into 5 categories. See, I have one organized bone in my body. I thought you might get a thrill out of my organizational skills...

Let's start with the shallow...

John, The Physical Man...

1. You have the most beautiful, swimming pool blue eyes ever, eyes you have passed down to our 3 sons together.

2. You have the best teeth...straight and large and most of them show when you smile. It was one of my mom's top five selling points when she was trying to get me to go out with you.

3. You're tall.

4. You're large.

5. You have really lovely salt and cinnamon hair, which was only cinnamon when we met.

6. You have great legs. When my grandmother (who's mostly lost her mind) first saw you in shorts, she said to me, "My, look at those beautiful legs. Do you think he has a brother?"

7. You are very strong and can always open jars if the 17-year-old boy is not around.

8. You can carry 2 25-pound twins all the way to your mom and dad's house.

9. You tan nicely, even though you try to avoid it because skin cancer runs in your family.

10. You are deft for your age. I remember when I first met you how surprised I was that you would just jump into my SUV ahead of me to get the baby buckled in. You are amazing.

John, The Husband

11. You massage my shoulders every night before you go to sleep.

12. You always bring me "fresas con crema" (strawberries and cream) when you go to the big town.

13. You do ALL of the grocery shopping. I can't remember the last time I had to go to a grocery store.

14. You tell me I'm pretty.

15. You let me design our house and pick out the tile and all the paint colors and the kitchen cabinets and countertops and faux antique brick wall tile.

16. You put the toilet seat down, all the time.

17. You try to be really quiet when you leave in the morning so you don't wake me and the three boys we sleep with.

18. You know that I love Smucker's Natural Peanutbutter, creamy, and you always make sure I have a lot on hand.

19. You took all the kids, including the twins, to Arizona so I could have a day to myself.

20. You never mention that fact that I never make the bed.

John, the DIY Man

21. You can change your own oil.

22. You can fix other things on a car.

23. You can lay tile really well.

24. You have an eye for decorating.

25. You can make whole wheat bread and have said you wanted to do so every weekend. Yes!

26. You make a good pot of bean soup.

27. You can fix the air conditioner.

28. You can design an intricate sprinkling system that actually works.

29. You can always fix our toilet.

30. You designed our house with a downstairs theater that can be completely dark, but does not have doors, which could cause a temptation for teenage children. You are a genius.

John, The Father

31. You were a great labor coach when the 3-year-old boy was born, even though I was in labor for 36 hours and you fell fast asleep 20 minutes after he made his appearance. I guess men don't get the hormone high women do after giving birth naturally. Too bad.

32. You stayed in the hospital with me for four days after I delivered the twins via C-section.

33. You took the 3-year-old boy everywhere you went from the time he was 6 months old, even though the people at Lowe's always thought you were taking your grandson out for a day with grandpa.

34. You always change poopie diapers, even if you just changed one one minute before.

35. You buy cute clothes for the 3 three and under.

36. You joke with the kids.

37. You compliment them.

38. You allow them to choose how we will take trips, even when they are uncooperative.

39. You talk to them about consequences in a detailed way I don't usually make time for.

40. You let the teenagers drive your truck.

John, the Godly Man

41. You pray on your knees every night.

42. You don't read a book unless it teaches about Christ.

43. You hold scripture study with your family.

44. You hold family prayer.

45. You hold family home evening and always give meaningful lessons.

46. You never miss a church meeting, even if you can barely stay awake from helping with the babies during the night.

47. You bear your testimony publicly.

48. You are not afraid to cry when The Spirit moves of my favorite things about you.

49. You are really into home food storage and diligently strive to obtain and maintain the year's supply of food our church leaders have counselled us to have on hand.

50. You serve your fellow man in so many amazing ways, ways that would never occur to me. You have taught me so much in that area.

John, the Random Man

51. You like Broadway musicals.

52. You love the elderly and can make them light up when you enter the room.

53. You always give rides to people on the side of Mexican roads who can't afford the bus.

...and 54. You always make a huge deal of my birthday, Mother's Day, our anniversary and Christmas.

I love you and thank you for joining this insane family of seven, then adding 3.5 more to it! I can't imagine my life without you and you make me whole.

Happy Birthday, John!

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alessandra said...

I join in a Happy Birthday for John, and say you and Jen are really amazing, and this post is soooo sweet.

alessandra said...

Oh, and now I note it, he's Libra...hmmm... like me, this explains everything....;)

Kami said...

This is sweet! Happy Birthday to your hubby :)

Heidi said...

What a sweet birthday tribute!

Jenn said...

Wonderful tribute! Here's to hoping he has the best birthday ever!!!

Suburban Princess said...

Happy Birthday John!

Cassie said...

Okay, I love him too! Happy Birthday!

~Fire~ said...

Happy Birthday to you husband! What a sweet, sweet post in honor of his day!

JBirch22 said...

I don't understand, how do you have a theater without doors? lol

PS: Happy Birthday to your wonderful husband, he really does seem like a very good man :)

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

JBirch22, to answer your question, the theater has an arch by which one can enter, with no door, and the theater remains completely dark because it is down two hallways which somehow block all light from entering. It's awesome!~

Cheryl B. said...

Happy B-day John :-D

John, did you have a brother (or widowed grandfather) for Jen's grandma? ;-b

Jen, did you serve him his B-day cake in bed? o;-p!!

I'd like the same ? answered that JBirch22 asked.

Jen, when is your B-day?

I enjoyed the sharing of your "one oraganized bone" ;-p Perhaps since you went public with it, it will now spread to other bones?

Strawberries and creme huh? And Smucker's natural peanutbutter? Hum mmm ... I know you eat more 'naturalist', do you eat white sugar in baked goods? J-u-s-t wondering ... o:->

Salsa Mama said...

What a great post! Happy Birthday, John!!!

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Hi Cheryl! To answer your questions....

1. No, John did not have an available brother or widowed grandfather for my grandma. She's 95 and still hasn't found that 5th lucky man.

2. No, I did not serve him cake in bed. He left for Utah at 5:00 in the morning, then got in an accident where no one was hurt, and the cop asked him to put out his hand, then slapped it, and said, "I'm just giving you a slap on the wrist since it's your birthday". That's as good as it gets!

3. My birthday is on Ground Hog's day.

4. Yes, I eat refined sugar in baked goods, but I try to limit it. Right now, being pregnant, I know I should do better, but I just eat everything!

C said...

Tears in my eyes.

Happy birthday, John!

Love you, Jen!


Bonnie said...

You are amazing, and you've inspired me so much, I'm a newly wed of two months, and we dream of having a large family (and I dream of living in mexico) I feel like maybe just maybe I could be half the woman you are, and be happy :)

April said...

Happy Birthday John. What a great husband you are!

Cheryl B. said...

John, A cop slapping your wrist cuz it happened on your B-day - now that's FUNNY!!! ;-p "poetic justice" ;-p Glad nobody was hurt!!

Sharon said...

That was an incredible tribute to your hubby and he sounds like an awesome husband/father. Happy Happy Birthday, John!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love him even more. What a greaet post. You lucky gal Jen, I got a Ron instead of John.....LOL Happy Birthday John! Love ya

Luvmy9 said...

Happy Birthday, John. I imagine the day got better after the accident. I'm glad no one was hurt and I hope you enjoyed your birthday.

Vikki G said...

What a wonderful way of honoring your husband~ You have been so very blessed and I am so happy for you and your endured much and God has rewarded you with a lovely family and a godly man. May you and your family be blessed!