Wednesday, January 5, 2011

100 Completely Random, Unrelated Things About Me

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1. I have freckles.
2. My nickname in elementary school was "Dr. Freckle Face." It made me cry.
3. I like my freckles now.
4. I'm starting to gray, but I could care less.
5. I'm going to be 41 on Ground Hog's Day.
6. I love to shop at thrift stores.
7. I don't buy shoes at thrift stores.
8. I like to be in charge, but if someone likes to be in charge more than me, I don't mind conceding. Unless, of course, we're talking about my husband.
9. We don't get TV.
10. But we like to watch movies.
11. I love to read, especially historical fiction.
12. I haven't bought anything to decorate my house in about a year.
13. I get offended easily, but I'm trying to harden.
14. I wish I was neater, more like my mother-in-law.
15. I wish my kids thought I was cooler, more like the way they view my mother.
16. My father wouldn't let us chew gum until we were 16.
17. We used to sneak it anyway, back behind the barn.
18. My horse died while I was riding him when I was 12 years old.
19. I hate spaniels of any kind.
20. I also hate cats.
21. I used to like dogs, but since I had two spaniels, I don't anymore.
22. I don't like pets of any kind, because they are too much work.
23. I have wanted to have twins since as long as I can remember.
24. If I have another baby, I want a girl. Or twin girls.
25. My biggest fear is that my kids will make decisions that will make them unhappy.
26. I want my husband to remarry if I die, because there's no way he could handle the kids alone. I don't know anyone who could.
27. I sometimes get spooked when I look at the 14- or 18-year-old boy, because they look and stand exactly like their dad, who died 6 years ago.
28. My favorite thing to do when my husband is out of town is to make some good food, take it to my room after the kids are all asleep, sit in my recliner by the fireplace in our bedroom, and read.
29. I love the snow, because I live in the Southwest desert.
30. I don't like to decorate for Christmas.
31. This year, I only bought presents for my kids for Christmas. No one else. Oh, except that I made truffles for the lady who put my kids up in Salt Lake City the day before my sister took them skiing.
32. I can never find the 4 four and under's shoes.
33. Even though I can get a maid for $7 a day, 5 days a week, I refuse. I'm stubborn that way.
34. The best car I ever had was a burgundy Yukon XL with leather seats and a DVD player.
35. Now I have a white, dented 15-passenger van.
36. When I only have 6 kids at home, I'm going to buy another Yukon XL, in the most stylish color they have, with leather seats. The only thing that's hard to get off leather seats is gum.
37. My kids are not allowed to chew gum until they are 16 (sometimes).
38. When all of my kids move out, I'm going to get a cream-colored, convertible mini-cooper. Unless there is something out there that I like better 20 years from now.
39. I was raised Mormon, but became converted to the Mormon faith when I was 22 years old.
40. I have read The Book of Mormon about 17 times.
41. I'm ashamed to say that I have only read a portion of The Old Testament, and I only got to Romans in The New Testament.
42. I never read the Sunday School lessons in advance, so I feel like a flunky in class. Why can't I just read them?
43. I believe in letting God plan our family.
44. When choosing a politician to represent me and my family, the most important platform I look at is his stand on abortion.
45. I met David Schwimmer at an airport. He looked lost and I asked him if he needed any help. He said no.
46. My kids have 2 grandpas and 6 grandmas.
47. I have an Uncle Rico, and he died in a single-engine plane crash when he was 40.
48. We didn't know he died, or find his body, for a year after it happened.
49. I'm sometimes mad at my dad for not taking care of himself and dying. He would have LOVED the twins.
50. My kids say that my mother has better taste in clothes than they do, and they enthusiastically wear whatever she buys for them. They don't do that for me.
51. I get so tired of sweeping.
52. I only like white Christmas lights.
53. I like to fold clothes.
54. I talk to my sister every day, sometimes more.
55. She used to call me names for whistling. Bad names. I just kept whistling.
56. I love dark chocolate.
57. I dream of sushi when I'm pregnant.
58. My favorite place to be massaged is on my neck and shoulders.
59. I don't like my mom's rottweiler because he bit the 8-year-old girl's face twice.
60. My husband tried to kill him with thinning sheers, chasing after him, but never actually catching him.
61. I never thought I would have ten kids.
62. Sometimes, when I tell people I have ten kids, they think I'm joking, and smiling, they say, "It must feel like that sometimes."
63. I dislike football.
64. I like watching basketball.
65. I love Antoine Dodson. (See the remix HERE.)
66. I like all kinds of music.
67. I'm a classical pianist.
68. Not a jazz pianist.
69. I didn't teach the 18-year-old boy to play the piano. Huge regret.
70. I don't spend enough time with my older kids, the ones still at home.
71. I usually feel spread too thin.
72. I can't keep my floors clean.
73. I always lose my cell phones.
74. I would rather go out for sushi and a movie than buy a new outfit.
75. I constantly worry about Baby Hippo chocking to death.
76. I'm constantly trying to find ways to earn money.
77. I never thought I would earn money by blogging.
78. I posted this list without filling out numbers 78 though 86. As I proofread several times, I kept thinking that I was getting to the nineties really fast. I'm going to add them in now.
79. I love to travel, and am dying to go to Japan.
80. I don't mind humiliating myself while trying to learn another language.
81. One of my favorite ages is 3.
82. I love to debate.
83. I usually think I'm right.
84. I am attracted to people who can teach me things and help me grow.
85. One day I would like to become a certified nurse midwife.
86. I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch someone deliver a baby on TV.
87. I also earn money by giving piano lessons...
88. ...weight-loss consulting....
89. ...and selling stuff on Ebay.
90. I don't show enough affection to my children. It doesn't come naturally.
91. I get a surprising amount of pleasure from emotionally torturing the 15-year-old girl's friend who is a boy.
92. I've always struggled with yelling at my kids. After reading "1-2-3 Magic", that has decreased by about 90%.
93. I can't sing well, but all of my daughters can. I'm not sure how that happened, but I'm glad it did.
94. Once, when asking for forgiveness on my knees, I literally felt a heat, a warmth, begin at the top of my head, and pour down my entire body. Like God was literally pouring out His love and forgiveness on my body and soul.
95. I'm a Republican, but not a straight-ticket voter.
96. I'm a conservative.
97. I love that God gave us the simple gift of rainbows, music and physical joy.
98. I think pornography is one of the greatest evils in our society.
99. I believe in God, the Eternal Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, and in The Holy Ghost, and that they are three separate personages, not one.
100. My ultimate goal is to live with God again, and help as much of humanity as possible make it back to Him as well.

P.S. My sister and I are finally getting skinnier!
See how we're doing it HERE! :)


C said...

I learned a lot, and I really miss you! And I only like white Christmas lights too. I loved this list!


Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Ah, C, your up late. Perhaps watching a BBC with D? I miss those nights!

alessandra said...

Aww, it was lovely! please explain n° 91, and you definitely should have a maid, put it like this, it's helping someone in this economy ;)
Love freckles.

Unknown said...

When I first saw that you had posted 100 random things about yourself, I didn't think I would be able to do that! I can't usually do 10 things. But you did it and it was great! It made me think a lot more about myself.

Karen said...

That really helps me to get to know you! Do you still vote as an US citizen? Just curious.

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Ale, it seems that the 15-year-old girl and a boy share a mutual attraction, which makes me very nervous. I find it fun to make him uncomfortable. He has even had nightmares about me. I know I'm wrong, but I am being honest. :)

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Karen, yes, I can still vote as a U.S. citizen, as I am only living in Mexico on a tourist visa.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your list. It is always fun when you find so many commonalities with a complete stranger.
Amber @

singlemormonchick said...

i hate cats too. i used to love dogs, but since my last dog got sick and died(at a good old age), my heart just isnt in it. i never want another pet again.
i would love to see a post(again-i think i read something a long time ago)about how you make money blogging. i think i have earned a grand total of 15.47 :/
it surprises me that you arent affectionate-if i had to guess, i would think you were a hugger. :)

Anonymous said...

I saw your blog from Rachel K's blog. We are alot alike. :)
But this confused me, how are you a American Mormon living in Mexico?

Lynn said...

My parent's anniversary is on Ground Hog's Day!! So cool that it's your birthday as well.

It will be their 46th Anniversary this year....and yes that will make me 46 years old just over 9 months later. ; D

Amie said...

great post!!!

BarbaraJo said...

Nice to meet you Jen! I loved learning these things about you. I am still smiling at the thought of you sneaking gum behind the barn.

Anonymous said...
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Kari said...

Enjoyed this list!
(PS--next time I do a Bible in 90 Days challenge, you should join us! then you could cross #41 off your list!)
Blessings, Kari
ps i'm thinking of going veggie again for a moth or two in 2011, are you still vegan? (Did i miss that on the list?!)