Monday, May 10, 2010

Blueberry Breakfast Cupcakes

Today I'm guest-posting over at Make It From Scratch. Come see how the 15-year-old girl and I made Blueberry Breakfast Cupcakes!


Hope you love them as much as we did!

And....if you want.....come see what we're doing over at Whole Food Kids! It's GOOD for you, I promise!



Jb said...

They look delicious! Do you ever have problems with blueberry muffins going bad if you try to keep them? Do you know if they should be stored in the fridge?

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Hi JB, yes I would refrigerate or freeze them. And they ARE delicious!

Diana W. Windley said...

You had me at blueberries...