Friday, May 21, 2010

Images From a Graduation in Mexico

Just to make conversation, I'd love to hear which photo you love the most!



Salsa Mama said...

There's lots of cuties, but I really like the big smile on Uncle John's face. And the one of RL tickles me, too.

Annesphamily said...

All the pics are great and since I do not know everyone I just am glad to have shared this lovely day with you!

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Salsa Mama, I, too, love the ones of Dad and Brother Shepherd! Dad was laughing at Mary trying to avoid having her picture taken.... :)

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Thank you, Anne!

Karen said...

The redhead! Beautiful and natural shot. Congratulations to your son.

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Karen, isn't her hair absolutely stunning? And I love the way it looks against the gray blouse. I really want my son to marry her just so I can have grandchildren with hair like that.

Makenzie Call said...

Haha! I too must say that I love the red head shot. If only she had known you were taking this picture, maybe she would have let her hair down so you could get a better look! ;)

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing (LOVE the pics the "new" camera takes!)....I think the "Mariachi Band" is my favorite - you wouldn't see one of those at a graduation in Central WI! ;)

Jennifer said...

They are all really great shots! I really liked the 3rd one from the top. The lady in background looks soooo nervous while the gentleman in the foreground looks so darn happy! The contradiction in emotions says it all on graduation day! ;D

Thanks for sharing!

alessandra said...

#1 your beautiful daughter staring
#2 the girl's wrist with bracelets
I think I love the colors and the composition.
Just to make conversation.
And many compliments to your son.

Lina said...

Thank you so much for sharing this special day with us! All the pictures are great! Makes me homesick!!!

Amber said...

Congratulations to Conor, Aunt Jen & the rest of the family!

The Moe-Ooley's.

singlemormonchick said...

#4(i think) i love the smile on that young mans face. looks like someone he loves yelled to him as he was walking up and you caught it just as he turned his head to smile. nice.

Brian + Cheryl B. said...

Hi Jen :-D
Remember, you asked for this o;-p

I love the smirk on your three year olds face in the first picture, where he's holding the glasses on. So impie!

Then again, the picture brought wonderful warm memories to mind of when our son #3 had to get glasses at the age of 5. We got him "super man" glasses, the frames were blue and red, and he looked so-o-o-o adorable!!!!! :-) Thanks for that memory smile!

If I'm remembering faces/heads right from previous postings, the second picture is of one of your husbands relatives (facing the camera) and your mom (looking towards your realative). They are having a nice ole visit while waiting, however the young man further down the row is getting rather bored with this whole waiting business ;-p A-typical - age says, "well, we'll make the best of our current situation, since there's nothing we can do to hurry things along anyways" and youth says, "All right, already! this is getting BORING!" ;-p Then again, he also looks like he's trying to eavesdrop on their conversation o;-p

Curious - were these pictures taken at two different events? Because in the one the people whom I think are your husband's relatives are next to your mom and the 'bored' boy is down the row. But in the next shot the people whom I think are your relativies are in a row with totally different people .... Your male relative is enjoying himself, the lady whom is probably a grad's mom sitting further down the row, is quite concerned about something.

The adorable young Mexican girl in her beautiful white with pink trim dress up dress, is a wonderful picture!!! She is trying to see everythng, and she looks so-o cute everybody is probably trying to see her ;->

Aw, your love of hands continues ... :-)

All of the ribbon braclets on the arm of the girl using a phone camera - is that your fifteen year old daughter? I know several similar aged girls who would love how she got her braclets to compliment and yet stand alone from her sweater. Youth and their creativity in styles :->!

Who's happier - your just graduated son, or your mom? Pictures like that one become such treasures!!! You should frame and give a copy of that one to her!

The crocheted trim on the dress of the Mexican lady in the wheel chair is beautiful! So-o beautifully Mexican!!! (I hope you know what I mean. It's a totally beautiful authentic Mexican race shot - which I LOVE!!! NOT meant as a slur at all!!!)

Oh I just love the band!!! Another truly Mexican thing :-) Just looking at them makes we want to pull out my Dad's old Tiajuana Brass records that I have :-) just might do that today .... o;-p

Does your son know he's suppose to marry the red head? ;-p Does he get a vote, or is this going to be an arranged marriage? o;-p

Jen, I know you asked for "a" favorite picture .... but I saw so much in so many of them ... yah - A-Typical me, huh? o;-p

One of the things I saw in all of the pictures which weren't only graduates, was that everybody was dressed up for graduation. I think that's the way it should be! I am still of the train of thought that you get dressed some what up for certain places and or occasions. I think that lots of Americans have gone way to casual!!! On the other hand, I chuckle at my MIL "getting dressed" to go into town to the grocery store. 'Town' is a mile down the heavily populated road, from the house they have lived in for over fifty years now. ;-p

I also liked how there was real food at the graduation, not just cake. Every get together is an occasion to eat together!!!

Thanks for listening o;-)

Ginger said...

One thing I love about the Mexican culture is that they don't dress down. The women wear dresses. And they believe in celebrating important events with family, food, music, colors, and fun. Oh and did I mention the food? Were there pictures of that?

I loved the little grey haired man.

Jb said...

The first one with the little one with glasses on. He looks like he is proud of those glasses. I'm glad the image of glasses seems to have changed. I was always worried that my kids were going to get teased when they were young.

Jessica said...

i like the one of your son looking over in his cap and gown from afar.

Mrs.Dr.Shot said...

I looked at these and then came back hours later to look again. The happy gent in the white shirt holding a camera just sticks out to me. When I came back I said "that's the one!" the second I saw it. Great shot.

Melinda said...

I too like the one of RL....too funny! I love little guy in glasses...he is such a cutie

Cheryl said...

The man's hand with the wedding ring.

The Farmer's Wife said...

great pictures Jen....Oh and yes I do have a favorite;) It was a great day wasn't it!

Jamie H said...

Not to take away 18-year-old boy's glory, but the first picture you posted is just way too cute!