Monday, June 2, 2008

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Tag! 20 Random Questions...
1. Where were you born? The Pass
2. Where would you live if you would live anywhere? CJ
3. What's you're favorite book? The Book of Mormon. It has had the biggest effect on me of anything I have ever read.
4. What brand of make-up do you use? Revlon and Loreal
5. What do you do to cool down when you are mad? Clean something really fast and furiously
6. Favorite quality in you're significant other? His Generousity
7. Do you play an instrument? Piano, Organ, Sax and Clarinet
8. Have you ever had braces? Yes, and I didn't wear my retainer faithfully, so now my bottom teeth are crooked again, but I don't really care
9. Do you have a birthmark? I don't think so.
10. What's you're favorite indulgence? My homemade chocolate ice cream
11. What was the last movie you watched? Underdog (I wouldn't recommend it as it's my two-year-old's favorite)
12. Who is a good friend you've lost touch with? Melissa Burton
13. Favorite place you've vacationed? Puerto Vallarta
14. Do you know a foreign language? A little Spanish and an even littler German
15. Do you like your handwriting? Yes.
16. What was the last piece of mail you opened?A box from Amazon filled with books about how to teach your kids to work!
17. What's the most random article in your purse? An EpiPen, with which I would have to stab myself in the thigh in the event I would have an allergic reaction to my allergy shots.
18. Have you ever flown 1st class? Yes, in exchange for giving up a seat on an overbooked flight.
19. Are you still friends with your ex's? No
20. What is something random about yourself? I can't go to bed unless I actually see my children's chest going up and down as they breathe. Even my teenagers. Weird, huh?
I Tag...Christy, Kristin, and Bethany

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