Monday, March 1, 2010

Homemaker Monday: Preparations for my stay in a Mexican hospital...

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YOURS: Today's "YOURS" goes to Nikki over at Nikki and Danny for her post on homemade wet wipes! This post spoke to me because in 7 days or less (I can only hope!) I will have three children in diapers. Plus, the recipe calls for tea tree oil, which is one of my favorite of all of the essential oils. She even has a container in which they fit perfectly.... of which I feel tempted to purchase myself. For Nikki's wet wipe recipe, click HERE. Thank you so much, Nikki, for your awesome tip and we look forward to hearing much more from you on subsequent Homemaker Mondays! (And please feel free to grab the "I Was Featured" button from my left sidebar :) )

MINE: This post may not be of use to anyone but myself, my posterity or someone who has a viewpoint such as this...

(, at 39 weeks pregnant, accepting a chocolate chip cookie, made by the 14-year-old girl, from the 3-year-old boy)

I'm posting it anyway...

My Packing List For My Stay in a Mexican Hospital

The Labor Bag:

-chap stick (for dry lips, as I will not be allowed water at any time during my labor because of safety concerns regarding that fact that it will be a VBAC)
-birthing ball (in essence, an exercise ball)
-essential oils (lavender-for relaxation, clary sage-for more effective contractions, and peppermint-for energy during pushing)
-focal object
-Ipod and player with relaxing labor music

The overnight bag:

For me:
-underwear (3 pairs)
-socks (3 pairs)
-the book I'm reading (which happens to be Charles Dicken's David Copperfield)
-blow dryer
-hair spray
-laptop and cord
-fiber (to mix in juice or water after delivery)
-my special memory foam pillow
-daily meds (thyroid, allergy, pre-natal vitamins, iron, asthma)
-lanolin cream (for dry nips)
-nursing pads
-recovery herbs (black cohosh, red raspberry leaf, evening primrose)
-nail file
-a peri-bottle

For Daniel:
-receiving blankets
-long sleeper gowns
-beanie hat
-wet wipes
-bulb syringe
-saline nasal drops
-bag balm

Any other suggestions? Wish me luck!

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roadrunner201 said...

No water? Yikes! I am praying for a fast labor for you then. Dehydration really screws with labor. I guess you'll be hooked to an IV then? Well, I hope you're able to get up and move around some. That can really help speed things along.

Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven said...

I know, roadrunner, I'm concerned about the water issue as well. Yes, I will have an IV, and the doc said I will be able to walk around. That does help so much! I guess his concern is that in the event of me needing an emergency c-section, which is much more likely with a VBAC, my stomach needs to be empty. Honestly, I really do feel grateful that he's letting me try a VBAC at all. I know in the states it is really hard to find a doctor who will.

Jesseca said...

Do you use a Boppy pillow to nurse? I brought mine to the hospital and it helped so much. Will the doctor let you suck on lollipops? I have heard of that being an option sometimes. Don't forget the carseat!;)Congrats!

Momza said...

No water? At all? Maybe you can have water up until 5-6 cms?
Holding good thoughts for you and baby!

roadrunner201 said...

You're right about that. I know of only 3 doctors in this whole area of 5 counties that will allow for them. Basically, here if you want a VBAC, you have to home birth. Which, you know, is fine for me, but not for a lot of people.

So glad that he's going to let you move around! Still praying for a fast labor;-)

Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven said...

Jessica, great tips....yes, I should bring my boppy much more comfortable. And lollipops...hmmm. I never thought of that. I don't see why that would be a problem. I will bring some!

And the carseat...yes, I will have my husband bring it when he comes to pick me up. I have it all ready to go!

Jessica said...

Don't forget headbands or sweatbands - I HATE hair in my face when I'm trying to focus! :) Good luck! Will be praying for you!

singlemormonchick said...

love the homemade baby wipe idea! i dont have kids, but i think they would be good to have around for all the nieces and nephews grubby hands and faces. :)

Ritsumei said...

Food?? I delivered in late-evening, and by the time the dust settled, it was 11pm, and I was RAVENOUS!!!. I was soooo glad for friends who brought food, but still wanted the trailmix in my suitcase in the middle of the night. Labor is hungry work! Man, I've never been hungry like that. Good luck!

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

This is my first time entering my link in this! Hehe, I am excited.

I have used homemade babywiped before and I really liked them, great tutoral.

Cheryl B. said...

Jen, I did not see chocolate anywhere on any of your lists. Come on girl, it IS e-ssent-tial!! You should have some to nibble on once your out of labor and delivery and in your hospital room.

Also, didn't see the "notify list". Is it on your computer? You know, the names and phone numbers of whom you want to make sure you personnally notify.

I wish you a speedy low pain delivery!!!

Melinda said...

Good ideas from your friends. Wishing you the best best delivery...Good Luck

Kristin said...

Oh Jenny, that list made me so excited! I can't WAIT! I'm so jealous that Robby gets to be there!

Anonymous said...

no water?!! crazy!

Jamie H said...

About the lollipop could actually run into an issue with that. I'm a nurse and have had doctors reschedule surgeries because the parents gave their kids gum to chew and lollipops to suck on. You would think that because you don't swallow the gum or because the lollipop is so small it wouldn't make a difference but it does! Both cause more saliva and also cause your stomach to produce more acid. Just a thought...not to burst your bubble...
Thanks for the wipes recipe! I've been wanting to try to make my own wipes!

Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven said...

Jamie, thank you for this advice. It is something I hadn't thought of and important to know!