Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Dining Experience to Remember

It's not everyday that one is invited to the nicest restaurant in one's home town.

Unless one has a brother whose best friend works at said restaurant.

It was just me, my brother and the newborn, and the restaurant was absolutely amazing. First, let's take a look at the kitchen. Most of you know how much I love my kitchen. It's my dream kitchen, but the "natural man" at times makes his appearance in all of us and I found myself pining over this kitchen. It is huge, functional, and pristine. Here is a table placed right in the kitchen...


...and my brother says that if you sit at this table, you sometimes get to listen to the chefs arguing one with another. Here's more...


In the dining room, where we sat...

Photobucket of the many lovely features was this waterfall...


We ate green chili bisque...

Photobucket ice berg salad, and when it came time for dessert, my brother's best friend said, "Don't worry. I'll make you something special."

As my brother and I conversed, I saw his best friend flitting around the kitchen, at times entering into the cold storage, at times, flamboyantly waving around a red squirt bottle over a plate. During this time, a very fancy man entered the restaurant and sat across from us. He wore a gray silk suit, a lavender silk tie, and gold cuff links. Yes, he was truly a fancy man...


While I tried to photograph him without him knowing, here is what my brother's best friend came up with by way of dessert...


Oddly, he had no idea what he had served us. You can see here that he is carefully studying the menu to try to determine what each delectable delicacy is...


Ah, now he has discovered the names of what he had served us...


As he stood with us telling us about his adventures at the restaurant, I learned of his air-tight logic regarding the food people leave only partially eaten. His philosophy is that if a girl who has left food on her plate uneaten is hot enough for him to make out with, he has no problem storing her leftovers for his personal consumption later, rather than tossing it in the trash can.

I questioned him about this, asking, "Well, what if she's a real weirdo?" His reply? "That makes it all the more enticing." As I said....air tight.

Overall, we had a wonderful meal, the newborn woke only after I was finished eating, and you can bet I'll be back.

Thanks for listening.

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BarbaraJo said...

What restaurant is that?

Brian + Cheryl B. said...

Okay Jen, being the ever caring friend that I am (o:-p), I am here to help point out to you why you really would not want the restaurant's kitchen as your own.

Look at the pictures. See all of that stainless steel? The counters, the doors to coolers, the stove and other equipment.

Now, look at the walls. See all of that white.

Look at the overall blandness of the room.

Trust me, a couple of hours here and there in such an enviorment is okay. You focus on your work and the colors in the food. But when you start putting in twelve hour days in such a place .... you just want to break free!!! I made Brian PROMISE me that if we ever do get to open up our own retreat business, our kitchen can have some stainless steel appliances. But that's it!! I want solid (oh what's it called?!!) flecked colored counter tops. And I want color on the walls. And I want windows - to the out of doors!!!

There, don't you feel better about the whole situation now? glad I could help ;-p

About those desserts - YUMMY!!!! Those are what I'm drooling over ....

As for the waiter eating "hot chicks" left overs. He might want to keep such info. to himself. For one, most girls would find that highly eerie. For another, I'm quite sure that is not what the health department has in mind with their "all garbage shall be properly disposed off" rule. Hate to see the whole restaurant come under scrunity for his peculiar habits.

Glad you were able to have some quality time with your brother. Were you able to use the time to help instruct him in not killing plants? ;-b

Jennifer said...

I love eating at restaurants with waterfalls. The waterfall is such a nice touch to the atmosphere.

BTW-the desserts look AMAZING! It's making me want to bake some insanely rich chocolate cake or outrageously decadent cheesecake!

Heather @ Gerber Days said...

Hello! I happened upon your fabulous blog! So much to see!

How cool is this restaurant you went to?! So fun.

New follower! ;)

Expat Mom said...

Very nice! You're very lucky to have a brother with connections. He also looks a LOT like your dad!

Nikki said...

What restaurant is that?

The Farmer's Wife said...

I need to know which restaurant that is! It looks great and I would love to try it! Do Tell!

Santa's Gift Shoppe and Ideas said...

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