Sunday, April 4, 2010

Homemaker Monday: Honey Oat Quick Bread

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YOURS: Today's "YOURS" goes to Single Mormon Chic over at The Law of Chastity and the Modern Mormon Girl. Am I the Only One? ! She wrote a post on making frosting that is different from the norm. Here is what she says...

"i dont love making frosting,but i HATE the fake, gross and canned grocery store stuff, so i make it even though i think its a pain. its not that its difficult, but just....annoying. i know. weird, but thats my story and i am sticking to it. this recipe TOTALLY took the annoying aspect out of making yummy frosting. this is so easy, but the pay off is big."

With a preface like that, this has to be good. For Single Mormon Chic's recipe, click HERE. Thanks again, Single Mormon Chic, for linking up and we look forward to seeing what you have every week!

MINE: Today I am posting a quick bread recipe my mother found during a search for a healthy bread. She tried this recipe yesterday and it was absolutely fantastic. What I love most about it is that it's a quick bread, so even if you're afraid of yeast, you can still enjoy healthy, whole-wheat oat bread!

From start to finish...


...this bread just exudes healthiness.

Now, do you think it's a sin that I slathered butter all over my slice?


Even so, at least I ingested some oats and wheat along with it! For the recipe, please click HERE. Thanks for listening!

OURS: Okay, ya'll, your turn! Thanks so much for participating and visiting today and have a wonderful Homemaker Monday!

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shopannies said...

bread recipe sounds great

singlemormonchick said...

thanks so much for selecting my frosting post. it really is soooo delicious. the texture is light and its not overly sweet.
i am going to make your oatmeal bread today! it looks delicious-i think all the butter was very prudent-i am actually admiring your restraint-i would have indulged in a thick layer of honey as well!

Tasha Lehman said...

Oh, I'd totally slather mine in butter too! Gonna have to try that bread! Thanks!

Carla said...

I'm so cking out your bread recipes today!! Hope every thing is wonderful in your world today!!!