Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Fun With Celery

As if yesterday's fun with celery wasn't enough..., because I had to use up our surplus of celery, I got out my Vita-Mix cookbook and came across a delicious, mostly raw version of cream of celery soup. Incidentally, this recipe also used up our leftover baked potatoes.

Now, to be honest, only myself, Twin A, and the 15-year-old girl liked it, but I'm posting the link anyway, just in case any of you ever have surplus celery...

celery soupcelery soup

For the recipe, click on over to my new blog, Whole Food Kids. a foodie blog dedicated to nutritious recipes for kids that do not contain refined sugar, white flour or artificial anything. Thanks for listening.

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Brian + Cheryl B. said...

Hi Jen :-)

five blogs now huh?

Another way to have fun with celery, is by using food coloring. Take a stalk of celery and recut one end so that it's a fresh cut. Then stick the stalk down into a clear glass of water which a couple of drops of food coloring have been stirred into. Slowely (aka: over time) the food coloring will start climbing up the 'veins' of the celery, the effect of which will make the celery look stripped.

Do several different glasses with several different colors at the same time, such as one red, one blue, one orange, one purple, etc.. Then make it a 'race' to see which color climbs the farthest the fastest.

Yes, the stalks are still edible once colored. Cut them into 1/4 inch lengths and sprinkle a few pieces of each color on top of each pre plated dinner salads.

Don't forget to take pictures (as though I need to remind you of that o;-p)