Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Please join us RIGHT NOW for the "Questions About Mormonism" Live Chat! (Never mind. It's over, but come next week!)

Welcome to the "Questions About Mormonism" weekly chat.

(Painting by J. Kirk Richards, one of my favorite artists.)

If you would like to participate, or just "lurk", please just click on the "COMMENTS (SHARE YOURS!)" link at the bottom of this post and leave your comment in the comment window or just read what others have to say. I will be sitting here by my computer from 10:00 AM until 11:45 MST to share my beliefs as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or, as we are otherwise known, a Mormon.

Today's video was shared with me by a good friend this morning. In turn, I would like to share it with you. What could be better than Andrea Bocelli and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing "The Lord's Prayer"? Nothing, I think. Hope you enjoy it....


The Lesters said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for about a month now and love it! I have 3 under 3 right now and for 6 months had 3 under 2. I can totally sympathize with you on how exhausting that is. This is my first time commenting.

Just a quick question. Instead of storing enough food for a year why not just have the money it would cost to buy food for a year in savings? That would seem to be a bit easier.

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Hi The Lesters! Sorry this comment is a little late in coming. That is a very good question. My answer is my personal opinion that while it would indeed be easier to store money instead of food, there are times when even with all the money we could hope to have saved up, it would be useless in obtaining food, such as in times of natural disaster (hurricane Katrina), a national food shortage in which prices of food could rise so high, it would be very difficult to afford food, war-time, etc. We can only hope that none of these disasters would ever befall us, but one can never be too safe.

In addition, Mormons are also counseled to have a savings account in which we have available at least the equivalent of 3 months wages, to help prepare us in times of need.

Does this answer your question? Thank you for commenting!

P.S. Congratulations on having 3 under 3! You deserve a metal!

Anonymous said...

A few questions:

1. Do LDS members believe that professing Christians but not LDS members go to heaven?

2. LDS members seem to often have large families. Is this primarily a cultural influence (for example the belief that family is central to life and a blessing) or is there a belief that birth control should not be used. I have also heard that a woman is more blessed or rewarded in heaven is she has a large quiverful of children. True?

3. If you are sealed in your family for eternity how does that work in cases of death or divorce? This is not meant to be a hurtful question as I know you are were widowed so if you don't want to answer that is fine.

4. What about children and extended family? How does that work in a sealing? Once children marry are they unsealed from their original family and resealed in a new family? I'm a little confused by this concept.

Thanks for your responses.


Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Hi Jessica! Thank you for all of your questions.

1. We believe that in order to live with God again, we must accept Jesus Christ and be baptized by the proper authority. Those who do not ever have this chance to be baptized in this life will have the opportunity to accept baptism in the next life. This makes so much sense to me as there are so many people in this world who never had the chance to accept Jesus Christ and I'm so thankful for a God so merciful as to allow this oppportunity.

2. This is a great question. I would have to say that yes, it is a cultural thing, in that we place such a high importance on the family. I would also have to say that we have been counseled that limiting our families, except for instances of the mother's poor health, will lead to disappointment later on in this life and in the life to come. I can testify that I have met so many people that say they wish they would have had more children. I have never met anyone that has said she thought she had too many children.

That being said, I do not know that a woman will be more blessed in Heaven if she has more children. I believe that God will judge all of us fairly, according to our capacities here on earth, and according to the commandments we have kept.

3. A couple who have been sealed and who desire a divorce can receive a civil divorce, and remarry civilly, but if they want a temple divorce, steps can be taken to gain this, but it is difficult. If a person who was sealed to someone dies, in some cases, that person can take steps to be sealed to an additional partner, depending on the circumstances. If he or she is not able to be sealed a second time, he or she and be remarried civilly.

4. When a child grows up and becomes sealed to an "eternal companion", the sealing with his or her parents remains intact. Our goal is to seal as many of us as possible together in one eternal family. That is why we work so much on family history and genealogy. Does that make sense?

I hope I've answered your questions satisfactorily. If not, let me know. Thank you, again!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply. I really enjoy reading your blog and its fun that I get to have a "conversation" with you. I would love to have such a large family--my husband and I are working on our family, slowly, through adoption.

A few follow-up questions:

1. Who is the "proper authority?" Can it be someone not associated with the LDS, for example a priest or Evangelical Christian pastor?

2. What if an LDS member marries a non-Mormon? Is the LDS member able to remain sealed to their parents/siblings? Is the non-Mormon ever able to be sealed to their spouse and his/her parents/extended family?

3. Silly question....Big Love...do you think its been a good thing for LDS? Although I'm sure its aggrevating in its non-realistic portrayal it probably has encouraged many non-LDS members to research your faith. What are your thoughts?

In full disclosure, I am not an LDS member but have several acquaintances who are. LDS members are in the minority here, and most people only know of the church through the couple of missionary guys that walk around or through media items. I find that I have subscribed to a lot of blogs whose author is Mormon. Its been a nice, positive perspective on your faith. I've also been to Nauvoo on vacation. Fun location.

Thanks again for the conversation.


Amanda B. said...

loved the music!!!!! Very inspiring. :)

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Hi again, Jessica. :) Thank you so much for your sweet comment. At this moment, it is about time for me to go pick up the kids for lunch, so the chat is officially over, but I will definitely get back to your obviously well-thought-out questions later on today. It's been fun chatting with you, too!

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

I know, Amanda, wasn't it though? :)

Freya said...

Just thought I'd say hello and that I am still enjoying reading these informative sessions, even when I'm not participating! Some really interesting questions have been posed and your answers have been great, thanks!

Freya said...

ps I apologise for my silly personal picture, I have GOT to change that! At very least the un-seasonal santa hat...!

Luvmy9 said...

Jen, that music was incredibly beautiful. Thanks for sharing that video. I loved it.

Call when you can. I have something to tell you.

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Okay, Jessica, here's my response to your next 3 questions...

1. The proper authority is someone who holds the priesthood as passed down by Jesus Christ himself. We believe this priesthood was passed to Joseph Smith and a man named Oliver Dowdery by John the Baptist, as a resurrected being. This was then passed down through the generations to hundreds of thousands, even millions of people since the church has been restored.

2. If someone marries a non-member, as I myself did the first time around, that person remains sealed to his or her parents, but not to the spouse or the children from the marriage. If the family never becomes sealed in this life, there is an opportunity for posterity to seal them after they die. I know it sounds kind of confusing, so if you need me to clarify, please let me know.

3. I believe "Big Love" is a negative influence for our church because many believe that that is how Mormons live today and it is not an accurate representation of our beliefs. Mormons did practice polygamy for a short time, and the practice ended in 1890, over 120 years ago. I actually have never watched it, but as an anecdote, it was one of my father's favorite shows, he being a non-Mormon.

Let me know if I answers your questions to your satisfaction. Thank you, Jessica! :)

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Freya, great to see you here today! And I love your profile pic, especially the hat, even if it is out of season!

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Correction to one of my comments above....it was Oliver Cowdery, not Oliver Dowdery.

Unknown said...

I am so sorry I missed this again. I need to put it on the calendar on my Blackberry so it will ring reminding me I have an appointment :)

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Yes, Thorney, I hope you can come next week! I'm sure you have a lot of questions after just having read The Book of Mormon. I would love nothing more than to talk to you about what you have read. I love The Book of Mormon so much and have read it many times. In fact, I'm getting ready to finish up reading it for the umpteenth time here shortly, and I learn so much more every time I read it! If you want, you can leave your questions here and I can get to them as time allows during the week, or you can just wait until next week. Great seeing you here!

Unknown said...

I love the video. I love this choir so much and had the opportunity to hear them one time, long ago, in SLC. It still sends shivers done my spine.

My youngest son was amusic major in college--voice and piano. He would love to sing with the choir, but he can't for one reason he's not LDS. He sings with the S. Men's Chorus and he's happy, and they are fabulous.

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

That's awesome that your son is a singer. Maybe he could convert to Mormonism so he could sing with the Mo-Tab! :)

Anyway, I was so happy to be introduced to that piece this morning. I absolutely adore Andrea Bocelli and to hear him sing with the Mo-Tab has been amazing. I've been listening to it over and over again all day long.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering all my questions. I might try to ponder any other questions I have and join in next week. Have a wonderful evening.


Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Jessica, thank YOU so much for joining the chat today. It was really fun "talking" with you and I do hope to see you again soon!

Janae Moss said...

Beautiful blog! I just nominated you for an award :) You can find me at pinkmoss.blogspot.com to accept it.