Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How to Cure Cradle Crap, I Mean Cradle Cap


I can't help but say "cradle crap". My mother's cousin, who's really cool, or at least used to be until the motorcycle accident, where he sustained brain damage and now calls us really bad words in Spanish as terms of endearment, coined this term, and really, that's pretty much what it is.

Cradle cap; that nasty, orange-ish super-dandruff babies get. Because the 3-month-old was born was such a full head of hair, I didn't realize he had it until his gorgeous dark locks started falling out in clumps. When John asked why his forehead was orange, I thought it was time to do something about it.

I mentioned the problem to a friend, and she suggested the following remedy, which worked, immediately, and beautifully. Thank you, C! Here's what you do...

1. Massage a couple of cap-fulls of olive oil onto your baby's scalp. The 3-month-old had it so bad that it was even on his eyebrows, so I rubbed some there, too.

2. Let this set for about 20 minutes.

3. With a fine-tooth baby comb, gently begin combing the cradle cap towards the back of your baby's head. The comb will start to fill up with vile orange gooey paste, but this is what you want. The more on the comb, the less on your baby's scalp. You might have to rinse the comb a few times during the process. If he fusses, try doing this while he's nursing or drinking a bottle.

4. Brush your baby's hair with a soft baby brush to remove flakes from his hair.

5. Wash your baby's hair and scalp with shampoo to rinse out olive oil and excess skin flakes. Your baby should now be cured.

6. Brush your baby's hair daily with a soft baby brush to prevent recurrence of cradle crap.

Your welcome. I mean, thanks again, C!



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thorney said...

I used olive oil too and then I'd use the comg while they nursed. It was a morning ritual.

Tara said...

We say cradle crap, too! Both of my babies have had it. They've both had longer hair as well so I didn't notice until one day I noticed in pictures that their hair was looking red! Yuck! I am going to try out your idea. Sounds much better and cheaper than the stinky stuff I've been using!

Life Happens said...

I just came across your blog from Linda's Lunacy blog. I love your story and your testimony of Christ.

I didn't see a 'follow' button on your blog, but I am grabbing your button and adding it to my blog.

Anonymous said...

We've also used coconut oil...I love the way it smells!

alessandra said...

Despite the topic, he's so ....hmmm...yummy ;)

Emily Heizer Photography said...

I really really wish you had taken super close up pictures of it beforehand so I could really see how bad it was! I have this sick and twisted fascination with skin stuff! I must pick! I must see! I MUST STARE. It's SO FUN!!!! Pick, pick, pick. Hee hee!

I know, it's sick.

Super cool cure though, and it makes perfect logical sense too- super deep moisturizing to plump up the dead skin, and then exfoliate it off with a comb. BRILLIANTLY SIMPLE!

...Next time take some close ups!!! lol

Jb said...

How often do you do this? I wonder if it would help with other skin ailments on the scalp? Do you think it will help to cure the problem permanently (eventually)?

Katrina said...

Thanks for the tip!

Cyn said...

My poor daughter had cradle cap until she was about 3 years old. No matter what we did it never would go away and stay away. When she was in day care, new staff would constantly call and tell me they found lice nits in her hair...nope it was just pieces of the cradle cap. Just a warning that if it's super thick on the baby's head, you should use your method in several very gentle stages - my daughter's cradle cap was so thick and so strongly adhered to her head that sometimes when it flaked off, it would cause her head to bleed.

Patti's and Bobbi's Excellent Adventures said...

I remember when Davey first said "Cradle Crap!" That was so funny and so appropriate!