Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another List

I'm going to share another random list of things for which I am grateful. Why? Because it might make me feel better......

Times I don't have mastitis, because I do now

Times I have energy to work, because I don't now

The hour long conversation I had with my daughter in college

A brilliant husband who understands me

An eleven-year-old son who knows the two-year-old's bedtime routine and willingly puts him to bed every night

A six-year-old girl who spent an hour cleaning her room then came downstairs and said, "Mom, I just LOVE to clean!" She even cleaned and organized her teen-aged sister's closet

An eight-year-old boy who made funny noises for about ten minutes over the twin's playpen to try to keep him entertained

A teen-aged daughter who did the same

The same teen-aged daughter, for deleting all of the songs from her IPOD that were morally questionable

The millions of varieties of beautiful flowers

Friends that understand what it's like to have the hardest job in the world

A sister who calls me AT LEAST twice a day

A mom who is my best friend

Two daughters who are darn good at writing poems. To read them, you can click here or here

A son who can drive, but isn't in town right now, so I have to

The pills that keep my thyroid functioning

A toddler who kisses me dozens of times every day

Dora on Nickelodeon, for when I can't stretch myself any further

Having the blessing of bringing two babies into the world at once

Blogging, because it causes me to look at things in new ways

A friend who came over to hold babies while I potted my plants and who told me my newest container creation was a masterpiece and sounded like she really meant it

A sixth grade teacher who really, REALLY cares

The amount of time my kids spend holding the twins when John is out of town. I don't know what I would do without them

Finally getting the twins on a schedule and being able to sleep for five hours straight!

The fact that God created music

The fact that God created rainbows

Going to bed on a memory foam mattress


C said...

This post brought tears to my eyes! I hope you are feeling better soon. Call me if you need me!


Jarmeg Family said...

Hi! I found your blog now too! It was good to talk to you yesterday- I am sorry you have mastitis!! Did you get some antibiotics? I've had it twice and it is not fun. Your flowers are beautiful and you sound like an amazing mom.

Barbiemat said...

I love your lists. I think I will document my day.

Cliff, Kendal and Stone said...

Hi Jen!! I'm glad you found my blog. I have a new blogging buddy! :) You are quite an impressive woman!! Good to hear from you. And I linked to your mom's and Bobbi's blog. They are hilarious. I love those women!

Kristin said...

Thankful lists are great, huh? Then everything can have a positive spin to it. I can't wait to see Claire's clean room and listen to Kyla's clean music. ;-)

Luvmy9 said...

I'm so sorry you have mastitis. How is that even possible nursing twins? I love your new blog and I want to steal Claire and keep her until Emma catches whatever she has!
Bill ran into John at the temple and John told him about planning to teach. Great!
And your pots ARE magnificent, as are you! Love you.