Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Things that Bring Joy

I've noticed a pattern. It seems as though I like to blog my life in the form of lists. Well, here's another one...

Things that brought me joy in the last twenty-four hours:

My twins waking up only once during the night. Progress!

Going to my daughters blog and seeing that she wrote a book of poems about love, nature and God, took related photographs and had it printed and turned into a beautiful coffee table book.

My 6-year-old asking where the broom is....because she actually wanted to sweep her room!

Driving down the road to see Uncle J taking a walk after an extended stay in the hospital from which he wasn't expected to return. He was wearing an old cowboy hat and using a cane. I stopped to say hi and to let him know that it was great to see him out walking. He was happy to talk to Johnny and seemed sincerely grateful that we had stopped.

Talking to my husband about the possibility of him taking a different job that would allow him more time with the family.

Going to CG, the big town near us, with a dear friend, to visit the plant nurseries and get some girl talk in

Eating the bread Kyla made the night before with fresh ground wheat from our food storage

Eating the butter John made the day before with the cream from our cow

Eating the homemade raspberry jam someone anonymously gave me out of the goodness of their heart

Nursing the babies

Getting a visit from John's mom and showing her the progress on our house

Going to Pat's house for a get-together with friends by the pool

Seeing Kyla take Johnny around the pool to try to get him used to the water

Hearing my contractor telling a couple that I did a good job designing the kitchen and that I was good at drawing out the plans on graph paper

Seeing my carpenter actually here working, as he has been AWOL for many weeks!

Buying a huge, beautiful terra cotta pot for $14! You've gotta love Mexico!

Buying a plant that John loves to put in the pot

Asking Johnny, "Donde estan tus zapatos" (where are your shoes) and listening to him answer, "No se" (I don't know)

Talking to my dad on the phone

Knowing that kissing Johnny's booboo actually did make it feel better

Seeing the babies smile as I brought the kitchen chair over to their swings, sat down on it, and put on my makeup in front of them

Going to Reid's Court of Honor to see him earn his second class

Having three people offer to hold a baby at the court of honor

Watching Kyla lovingly put Johnny to bed after a long day without being asked.


C said...

This post is a perfect example of why I love your blog. Thank you for sharing these things!! And keep it coming :-)

Christine said...

I love to read your lists - especially since they involve my family, too. I loved hearing about Uncle Jay, Aunt Louise, and flower shopping with Christy. I can't wait to someday meet all your kids so I can put personalities with these fun things about them.

Shelley said...

love your posts Jen...gratitude is a beautiful thing!

Luvmy9 said...

I love that Johnny can speak Spanish! Check out my blog, Jen. You're right. It's fun.