Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Succulent Success

yes, I know, enough already with the alliteration (sp?)

So for some reason, I have been obsessed with succulents lately. I even dream about them. Yes, my life has come to that. The most exciting thing I can think to dream about is plants. Here are some pictures of my new succulent container garden. I love them because they are very hardy and can survive on little water. Perfect for people like me who are easily distracted!!


EatingALot said...

Wow those look nice. I may try my hands at one for my front porch. I like that they don't use a lot of water (hopefully I won't kill them)

Anonymous said...

And I thought my life was boring!
Love, Your Mother

Anonymous said...

Please don't say this is "fun" again!

Nettie said...

All your containers look great! I ought to try the succulent kind. Remembering to water the pots is one of my challenges!