Monday, May 12, 2008

My Family: Bethany

Meet my daughter, Bethany. Bethany is special because she is my first born. I probably have the most regrets about her because I was nineteen when she was born and had no idea how to be a parent. I didn't know that her juice bottle would turn into wine if left in my diaper bag for four days and that was why she made so many faces when I tried to get her to drink it. I didn't know that milk gets caught in the fat folds of babies necks and that it has to be cleaned out often and well. I didn't know that there were ways to teach principles without spanking.

And then there were the wonderful surprises. I didn't know how much fun it would be to listen to your daughter play Moonlight Sonata as you cook dinner. I didn't know how it would feel to sit in church and listen to her sing a solo in front of the congregation in a clear, beautiful voice. I didn't know how it would feel to listen as she told me on the phone, after she moved away, that she wanted to be just like me.

Having Bethany makes me realize that all the dirty diapers, all the late nights up with sick children, all the late nights up waiting for teenagers to come home, all the insisting that the kids help cleanup and listening to all the reason why they shouldn' worth it! Seeing the beautiful woman that Bethany has become is the joy of my life! Thank you for being who you are, Bethany. I love you!

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