Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just an Average Day

I guess if I wait for something spectacular to happen before I post, I'll wait a long time, so I'll just give a summary of my day.
Today began a little earlier than usual as Johnny woke up crying at 6:00 am. Reid and Landon were trying to console him, but to no avail. I brought him downstairs and we cuddled together on my favorite recliner for about half an hour, then the babies woke up and I started the day.
At 9:30, three sisters from our ward came over to practice for a performance we will be giving on Thursday night for the high priests. It was really fun practicing with them as they all sing like angels. Directly after this rehearsal, I met with another singer to practice his piece. However, to my utmost humiliation, the piece was too difficult for me to sightread, so I had to tell him that we would have to forego his number. Conor helped me immensely during these rehearsals with the twins and Johnny.
The day progressed with me planting some beautiful trailing geraniums in a terra cotta pot and creating a container arrangement for the guest suite. I found that I kept going into the guest room just to look at the new plants. They quite literally bring such life into the room!
Around lunch time, I got a call from Landon as he was feeling sick and dizzy. These seem to be the symptoms of a bug that's going around town. The weirdest bugs show up in this small community and EVERYONE gets a turn getting to know them! Claire was also sick. Her fever got up to 103 degrees, so I finally broke down and gave her Motrin. I recently bought an otoscope, so I will use it tomorrow to see if she has in ear infection. If so, John's dad will pick up some antibiotics in town and hopefully, that will fix the problem. That is one thing I truly love about Mexico. Easy access to prescriptions drugs!
During the afternoon, I made several rounds of the house to see the progress the men have been making. Small decisions had to be made, like ceiling color and which way a bathroom door should open. Hopefully we made the correct choices!
In the evening, I remembered that the kids had their church activities tonight and as I reread the email announcement for it, I was horrified to realize that Kyla was supposed to bring cookies or brownies. And she had to leave in 15 minutes! I cried to her, "hold the baby, whichever one is fussing, and I will find a no-bake recipe!" With help from her and Reid with the babies, and Mary having taken Johnny to talk to her cows, we were able to get a batch of no-bake oatmeal things ready in time for her to take to her activity. Thank goodness for allrecipes.com!
After getting her and Conor off to their activies, Mary returned with Johnny and told me that John's parents hadn't gone to the temple after all. I asked her to go with me to visit them, as I needed help keeping the twins awake until 9:00. She agreed and we had a great visit. However, not only the twins, but Johnny also, fell asleep while we were there, defeating the purpose of the visit, but it made the time with them all the more relaxing.
I arrived home, bathed the twins, put Johnny to bed, fixed Landon and Claire a vitamin C drink, did scripture study, said family prayer, did a double nursing session, put the babies to bed, set the timer for 20 minutes and cleaned stuff, ate a salad and now it's midnight and I'm blogging it. And after this, I am going to eat some ice cream. Okay, boring, but that's all I got!


Ben and Ayrel said...

Jen- you "Average" day is extrodinary. It seems to managae to do it all, and at the end of the day you still get to enjoy a bowl of ice cream! That is amazing!You have quite the family!

Derrick and Laurice said...

You life make me feel like I am so Lazy! As for the fever thing that has been going around Camden got it right before we left and then it came back right before we came home...no fun!

Barbiemat said...

You sound so busy with your musical schedule. Once things calm down do you want to start working on that Duet? Let me know. I need to come by and see your new flowers.

Dejah said...

you are my hero! I only have 2 and I can't keep it together!

Barbiemat said...

Yes, I would love to go the nursery tommorow. I just need to drop Tori off at school at 9:15am.

bethany said...

its scary to see that live feed thing. for some reason i feel like i'm under a lot of pressure.

bethany said...

yes i am online. do you have any chatting programs?

Barbiemat said...

I tried to call you last night but the phone was busy. Garrett ended up leaving his wallet in Quatemoc (sp?) so I think I will ride with him to get it. Have fun shopping.