Friday, May 23, 2008


Diapers I've changed today - 17

Loads of laundry I've washed, dried, folded, and put away - 4

Plants I've potted in containers - 9

Number of times I've nursed the babies - 18

Number of times I've checked my blog for comments - 9

Annoying kid movies I've gone through - 2

Gallons of milk our cow produced - 4

Gallons we sold - 2

Number of times I've tried to distract Johnny from having a meltdown by asking him if we should buy some kitties - 2

Number of times I've looked really closely at Johnny's black eye in amazement at how purple it is - 11

People I've waved to on the road in our tiny Mexican town - 14

Number of times I've pretended like I understood spanish, but really didn't - 6

Number of times I've gone out to see my plants and just stared at them - 2

Number of times I've wandered through our house under construction to see the progress - 3

Number of times I've been disappointed at the progress - 3

Number of times I've loaded, run and unloaded the dishwasher - 3

Eggs we've collected from our chickens - 7

Number of people who attended our scripture study and prayer - 11

Number of times I've nursed the babies from midnight to 6:00 AM - 5

Number of times both twins smiled at me at the same time - 4

Raising a bunch of kids in a rural Mexican town - PRICELESS


Laurie said...

So you won't check for comments and be disappointed I will happily leave one! Thanks to Ben & Ayrel's blog I discovered yours, and I love it! Now I can feel connected to your family even though you left us behind in Texas.... You are looking marvelous, as is your family, and I'm not surprised to see that Mexico has gained big-time by having y'all there. We miss you, and love it when you come back to visit, especially if I can hold one of the twins during church!

Amanda B. said...

wow.... some of this I can relate to, but most of it, I can't even imagine. I haven't met you in person but I can tell you are just incredible!!!!