Friday, May 23, 2008

Ways My Kids Impressed Me Today

Bethany, almost 19, wrote an amazing_poem about a difficult experience she had.

Conor, 16, babysat for two hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon without complaining. Later in the evening, he asked me if I needed help with the twins' baths before he went to bed.

Kyla, 13, drew an awesome color pencil sketch of a picturesque place and hung it up on the fridge. She also willingly babysat while I performed at a church function.

Reid, 11, played an awesome piano solo at his band concert. He rocked!

Landon, 8, initiated a tutor session with his friend's mom to be sure to finish his homework.

Claire, 6, carried the twins around all day, even though they weigh about a third of her weight.

Johnny, 2, didn't have any meltdowns today. Progress! He also learned how to say "Nemo, and Devon's stupid". I know, not very nice, but he said it very clearly! (Sorry Devon.)

Joseph, 3 months, slept through a trip to two nurseries, to pick up a friend and a trip to the torta stand, and made about fifty people smile at a ward dinner!

Hyrum, 3 months, did the same as above and also sat through a two hour rehearsal happily listening to the music.

(I know, the pictures don't match up with the comments, but I can't find my camera. :( )


Kristin said...

Those kids sure nave a mom who loves them - lucky them, and lucky you! PS, can you please send me Beth's blog address?

Derrick and Laurice said...

You are the best mom ever! I love your kids! Kyla amazes me with he strong sense of self! She knows exactly who she is and who she wants to be when she is older… If only all girls had that especially at her age!

Bobbiamj said...

Sounds like fun day! Thanks for putting up with Devon, send him home! I love your blog, and I love your ice cream machine! I hope to have more time to work on my blog during the summer, I love it too! Reid DID rock at the concert thanks for your support!

Barbiemat said...

That is so cute. You are a good mommy. They are lucky to have you.