Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Double-Tasker

Warning: These are not things that I am necessarily proud of. Do not attempt at home....
-Breastfeeding while blogging

-Watering plants while holding baby

-Breastfeeding while doing bank transactions online

-Breastfeeding while blogging while telling my eight-year-old which position his piano song is in
-Making english muffins while talking on the phone to the bank

-Driving the mile to the school on the tiny Mexican roads while holding either a three-month-old twin or a two-year-old (yes, Robyn, I know the laws of physics still apply in Mexico and I'm wrong to do it)

-Listening to a chapter in The Book of Mormon being read on while folding clothes

-Letting a baby sleep on my lap while figuring out directions to Phoenix on Google Maps

-Putting on makeup while talking on the speaker phone

-Breastfeeding while teaching my thirteen-year-old what a double flat is

-Eating while cleaning the kitchen (not a good idea)

-Doing scripture study with the kids all clustered around the bathroom doorway while I sit next to the babies in the bathtub
-Breastfeeding one baby while breastfeeding the other

-Walking to grandma's house while carrying one baby in the sling while carrying the other baby in my right arm while holding Johnny's hand with my left arm

-Getting asked out on a date on the phone by a college student from the Maritian islands, accidentally, while separating the cream from the milk

-Listening and appropriately responding to one older relative's narrative while listening and appropriately responding to the spouse's completely different narrative that is going on at the same time

There, now perhaps you won't think I'm superwoman anymore, just a crazy lady trying to get the basics of life done every day!


Anonymous said...

Alright, who is asking my gorgeous wife out on a date? That is my privilege!

Kristin said...

Multitasking is the ONLY way to do it, Jenny! I loved the one where you were breastfeeding, doing something else, and telling your other child what hand position to go to! And since you are pretty much continually breastfeeding, I guess you pretty much are multitasking all the time,huh? Great post, Jenny.

bethany said...

you're funny. what's this about the date?

Shelley said...

Hey seems that if you were not wouldn't need to multi-task!:) I am loving your pots! Next time you come to the nursery, let's meet and you can consult me! beautiful...thanks for the inspiration!

Barbiemat said...

You are so cute. And amazing! I love your family and am so glad you are my friend.

Melinda said...

Hillarious!!! You are great. When my sister had her twins she used to use the breast pump while driving. One time she pulled up next to a police officer....2 funny. Wonder what the truckers thought......

Bottom line as moms we do what we have to-when we have to.