Friday, May 29, 2009

A Cucumber Conversation to Remember

Several days ago, if you'll recall, I posted about some of the items we have coming up in our garden. One particularly exciting item was a cucumber plant which was already developing baby cucumbers. Because John had planted them from seed himself, painstaking had them watered daily, and regularly lifted up the huge leaves to count how many cucumbers had started growing, they were almost like his own children. And I certainly can relate. I've done the same, and I remember paying almost as much attention to my seedlings as my children themselves.

To get to the point, John had been out of town for three days, and when he returned home, he saw that all five baby cucumbers had been cut off their stalks! Who could have committed such a travesty?

The first person he questioned was our foreman who has been helping us with various tasks in the construction of our home for almost two years now. This is how it went (in spanish)...

JOHN: There were five cucumbers here on this plant. Do you know what has been happening to them?

FOREMAN (His real name will not be revealed to protect his identity): Yes. They have been getting stolen.

JOHN: Who has been stealing them?

FOREMAN: Well.... I have.

JOHN: Okay, why have you been stealing all the cucumbers?

FOREMAN: Because I like them.

Apparently he had quite enjoyed eating a healthy vegetable serving with his lunch every day. You've at least gotta give him credit for his honesty.

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ruthee... said...

Yes, you do need to give him credit for his honesty. How wonderful that you guys grew something someone else values.

Melinda said...

That is so funny. I thought lil Johnny was going to be the culprit! hahahaha

Kara& Bert said...

I am so so so SORRY for your loss if you need ANYTHING Please Call! ya I was thinking Johnny too sorry Dude!

Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship said...

Too funny! It's always critters in my garden, and they're not honest about it! :)