Saturday, May 23, 2009

To Be Noticed...

Laundry. It never ends. Ever. Even if you wash, dry, fold and put away every single soiled item of clothing in your home, at the end of the day, you still have a pair of dirty socks you just took off, plus everyone else's dirty socks and who knows what else. Multiply this times ten. Every. Single. Day...and you will understand my love/hate, okay, honestly, at this point in time, my hate relationship with laundry. (I know, hate is a strong word, but it's true.) Last year I wrote a post on laundry featuring more positive sentiments, so if this post already has you down and you wish to develop positive feelings towards laundry, click HERE.

To get to my point, as you know, we, as homemakers, are usually not told by our children how great the house looks, and how much they appreciate having clean clothes to wear and healthy meals fixed every night. And it's not that they're trying to be mean. It's just that, really, they don't notice. That is why the following conversation has filled my resevoir...

The 14-Year-Old Girl: Mom, you got, like, a lot of laundry done last night, huh. There was so much laundry, you couldn't even open the laundry room door. (She was not exaggerating.)

Me: Yes, I did get a lot done.

14yo-girl: Well when did you do all that?

Me: Last night after you all went to bed.

14yo-girl: So, you're done with the laundry then, right?

Me: Oh, no. I still have four more loads I have to fold.

14yo-girl: What? When did you do four more loads?

Me: Well, I did two last night and two this morning.

14-yo-girl: Wow. So how did you get so far behind in the first place?

Me: I guess because I was doing other things, like gardening, and things like that.

14yo-girl: Oh, okay.

Perhaps this conversation, in and of itself, seems mundane to the untrained eye, but to me, it was hopeful, fulfilling and bonding. First of all, somebody noticed that I did work. A lot of it. Secondly, someone gained just a little more understanding into what is involved in keeping up a home. How I appreciate small moments of understanding, and perhaps even unspoken acts of appreciation like this! How do you teach your children appreciation? I would really like to know....

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Shauna said...

Hope you have an awesome weekend!
♥ HUGS ♥

Megan said...

I love your posts on laundry... :) It is a love hate relationship - I feel so good when I actually get it done, I should get it done more often and quicker! lol. Thanks!

RhondaLue said...

I have that same relationship! I love it when it's done. It's a great feeling to close that last dresser drawer when all is put away smelling fresh and looking clean. It's an overwhelming feeling when you've had other obligations all week long and laundry for 8 people has stacked up for 6-7 days. It's down right UGLY!

My kids do help with laundry but that also would require THEM being home for a given stretch of time and sometimes between school and church and work, even THEY get severely behind. I just hope they remember the times when I took pity on them and did it all while my own stacks higher!

My kids appreciate, more than the clean house and clothes, my being home to take them here and there, host fun things with their friends, and be at all of their events. The other stuff I hope they appreciate later in life! lol

Joi said...

I never seem to get caught up. I think that it multiplies while I am asleep.

Melinda said...

My kids are old enough to do their own laundry but this is one job that I dont mind doing. I do a lot of my cleaning and laundry after everyone is in bed. 99% of the time we wake up to a clean house but I only have 3-5 kids most of the time. Don't know if it would be the same if I had more. Our family is happier when the house is clean and organized.

We as mothers sacrifice so much to provide and take care of our families. Much of it is not even noticed. I love when my kids realize that I have sacrificed for them and thank me.