Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Colors of Mexico...As I Saw Them (Part Four in a Series of Four)

...in the mercado

...in the tienda

...in the mercado

...at McDonald's

...in the mercado

...on the sidewalk

...from the street

...by the pool

...on the balcony


Melinda Pink said...

Youa re so good at taking pictures. I take my camera on vaction but I forget to use it. You have documented your trip in a very colorful way. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!! i love all of the bright colors....especially the RED!!!

and the Balcony picture is the CUTEST of all!!!!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Just awesome! Loved this series!
Precious picture on the balcony!

B Wiens said...

I LOVE your pic´s!! What type of camera do you have? I am looking for something new and yours are always so clear and beautiful. Or is it the photographer??

Amanda B. said...

Such beautiful colors! What a beautiful place- I have really enjoyed looking at all these pictures. What a wonderful place to be! :)

Bethany Cox said...

nice...except i was confused when it went from green to white with no warning...

Jen said...

Gorgeous! Where in Mexico did you go? I'd love to go someday.

Display Home Melbourne said...

Pretty colors. Very interesting how it would look like if it will be combined for a house's interiors.